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  1. skywagon8a

    Now it looks cool

    "Time-averaged aerodynamic coefficients demonstrated that the corrugated airfoils have a lower lift and higher drag because of trapped vortices in the corrugations. The pressure drag of the corrugated airfoils was greater than that of the smooth airfoil. In contrast, the viscous drag of the...
  2. skywagon8a

    Install second landing light assembly on certified PA-18

    You don't need fancy metalworking tools to make this part. Chances are you have everything you need now. Snips, hammer, file and a block of wood.
  3. skywagon8a

    Flying during the eclipse

    IF this is real, it is a great shot. What are the odds of getting an airplane with it's vapor trail exactly centered during the peak of the eclipse? I think this is photoshopped.
  4. skywagon8a

    Brake Cylinders

    It sounds like you have the original master cylinders and expander tube brakes. You don't need new master cylinders for the big bucks. Just replace the diaphragm for $43.81 each. https://www.univair.com/piper/piper-j-3/view-all/u750-384-piper-master-cylinder-diaphragm/ Do you still have the...
  5. skywagon8a

    And so it begins

    I just checked mine at 9". The plane is level on floats and it's OK. Yours will be enough on wheels.
  6. skywagon8a

    And so it begins

    Can you reach over the leading edge of the wing when on that step? It looks tight/short.
  7. skywagon8a

    FS: Experimental Gap Seal Material

    I asked what jpm757 found. Not what others have said. I'm interested in observed data, not hearsay.
  8. skywagon8a

    air foil and leading edge ...new wing

    Look at the STCs SA631AL, SA634AL, SA658AL, SA659AL SA490AL, SA493AL, SA520AL, SA531AL & SA542AL. There were extremely popular 30+ years ago on a wide variety of airplanes. http://crosswindsstol.com/2020/stcs/
  9. skywagon8a

    FS: Experimental Gap Seal Material

    Exactly what improvements/differences did you determine this made to your J-3? Details?
  10. skywagon8a

    Engine Choices - 1500 lb GW/1650 lb w/Floats

    All valid points. If one knows of alternative sources for normal wear items as you've determined, then these engines have more promise. The propeller question is a non issue, as simple adapters can be made to accommodate a variety of props. My skepticism comes from being around aviation too...
  11. skywagon8a

    Hangar Lift

    I have used chain fall hoists. They work best when you are directly below them when you are pulling the chain, which is not convenient when lifting a plane. It is necessary to place protection on the plane to prevent damage from the chain. They also can twist the chain at the most inopportune...
  12. skywagon8a

    Engine Choices - 1500 lb GW/1650 lb w/Floats

    I looked up the Aeromomentum engine because I'd never heard of it. https://aeromomentum.com I see why it intrigues you. I can also see that it could be a good engine. The company is owned and operated by what appears to be a husband and wife team. She appears to have come from Russia where she...
  13. skywagon8a

    Yes, another Javron cub

    That works. I used Balsa because there was a hobby shop just down the street which stocked a lot of it in all sorts of sizes. It has now closed.
  14. skywagon8a

    Inboard wing rib cover.

    That's OK, it will help the bottom fabric. Any wing I've ever done fabric work on has the butt rib covered. In your case, the shrinking of the bottom fabric will tend to pull the glue on the rib cap in shear. If you continue it around and up the rib, it will help lock that in place. Secondarily...
  15. skywagon8a

    Inboard wing rib cover.

    Covering it helps in securing/locking in the top (if no tank) and bottom fabric. Always a good idea.
  16. skywagon8a

    Engine Choices - 1500 lb GW/1650 lb w/Floats

    It appears Aqua has been sold, which doesn't surprise me as Terry Clagget would be in his 80s now. https://aquafloat.com Catto makes a nice prop. However, since you are building an unknown airplane/engine combination with the possibility of also using floats, you will not know exactly which...
  17. skywagon8a

    Overall Length Between the J3 & PA-18 & AOI

    I thought there was an airfoil change.
  18. skywagon8a

    Overall Length Between the J3 & PA-18 & AOI

    Glenn, I've flown acro in Stearmans and Pitts too among others. Do you think the Cub needs boosted ailerons for this purpose? I taught myself simple very basic acro in a Taylorcraft BC-12D, moving up to a Swift. I never thought I needed more powerful or lighter ailerons.