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  1. Rick Papp

    Rudder service bulletin 1379 2nd December 2022

    Thanks Gary that’s precisely the information I needed. Rick Papp
  2. Rick Papp

    Rudder service bulletin 1379 2nd December 2022

    Exactly how do you perform the nitric acid test? Rick Papp
  3. Rick Papp

    T3 tail wheel suspension receives STC for PA18

    As many of you here now I tend to be a little hard on equipment. Recently, While taxiing for a turn to take off, I put the tail wheel in a Hidden groundhog hole in the hayfield. It nearly stopped the airplane on the turn. I thought for sure I was in big trouble. Got out and inspected the tail...
  4. Rick Papp

    TJ Hinkle

    TJ was a true legend. I never got to meet him in person but I spoke with him multiple times over the phone. Especially when Old Bear Dog Got stomped on by a moose and dislocated his hip. He could not get a Veterinarian to get it to stay into joint. I spoke with him, and he found an old time Vet...
  5. Rick Papp

    Hump Day Hangar Prep for "Ask Dr Randy"

    Wow Dr. Randy that was a fantastic presentation tonight thank you for all you do. Rick Papp
  6. Rick Papp

    What's your biggest gripe about your hangar?

    ThanksEven with the building 70 x 110’ it still isn’t big enough
  7. Rick Papp

    Sling seat misadventure

    I forgot to mention I made the hole in the webbing with a small soldering iron so the webbing would not fray
  8. Rick Papp

    Sling seat misadventure

    On The rear sling seat webbing I made a small hole and put a bolt and nut through it with washers on each side to keep it from sliding. Very simple fix and work real well. Another dangerous thing about the rear seat is that you must use the strap downs for the front bar at the front of the seat...
  9. Rick Papp

    Mystery O-320 oil leak - spray hitting front right cowling, oil streak from front latch

    1. Clean engine every nook and cranny. Be thorough. 2.Allow engine to dry. Blow off any liquids with a shop vac or leaf blower to get completely dry 3.Puff blue chalk line chalk on any suspected areas of leaks. 4.Run the engine and usually any leaks will show up by discoloring the chalk.
  10. Rick Papp

    WAD SOUTH 2020 is happening!

    Oh shucks Glenn! It wouldn’t be the same around the campfire without you!
  11. Rick Papp

    1-800-Call-Cathy ACPARC

    Cathy, you must’ve missed my call last week ��������
  12. Rick Papp

    Hangar cams

    I have one Wyze camera facing out a window towards a pole building with a motion light on it about 180 feet away. When the motion light comes on it triggers the camera. I know this because a damn raccoon kept setting it off about 1130 every night for a while.
  13. Rick Papp

    Hangar cams

    Wyze Cameras do a really good job
  14. Rick Papp

    Aircraft Engines

    Ditto Denny
  15. Rick Papp

    Airports with turf and fuel

    4D1 Greenville Airport NW Pennsylvania 62D Warren Skeets Airport NE Ohio
  16. Rick Papp


    I must really be trying hard not to do anything substantial this morning because I read the entire article. LOL
  17. Rick Papp

    When You Fall Through the Ice...Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht

    If mom gives you Coal for Christmas at least you can use it next time to warm up.
  18. Rick Papp

    2019 Hunting and Fishing

    Boy am I lucky if I would’ve landed three minutes sooner I would’ve scared this one off. Then Margie would’ve probably shot me!
  19. Rick Papp

    830 lb Carbon Cub?

    LOL. That picture was before I weighed it. Notice there are no scales underneath it. When I did weigh it anything that was not attached to the airplane that was supposed to be on the weight and balance was placed on or inside the airplane before the weight was taken. 😀