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  1. CubDriver218

    Vinyl wrap?

    Any new information on this? I see Cleetus McFarland got a wrap on his Carbon Cub. I'd love to know who does this so I could get some more information.
  2. CubDriver218

    Looking for a Legend Cub AL3 or AL11

    https://www.barnstormers.com/classified-1769925-LEGEND-CUB-2021AL3.html https://www.barnstormers.com/classified-1857452-Legend-Cub.html https://www.barnstormers.com/classified-1855662-2005-AMERICAN-LEGEND-CUB-AL11C.html
  3. CubDriver218

    Light Sport NPRM finally released

    So how long do ya'll figure before this could be come law? I've tried to search for an estimate and find nothing. Curious what the time frame looks like.
  4. CubDriver218

    Welcome to new Supercub.org Member: Mike Wiskus

    I was buzzing around the metro back in like 2010 and landed in Buffalo I think it was. Mike was out there and came and greeted me when I parked. He showed me around the airport and his planes and stuff. Very nice guy. Only met him the one time, but it left an impression on me. Welome!
  5. CubDriver218

    CZ floats

    Anyone have any experience with these floats? I'm looking for some for E-LSA PA11 application. There's a guy by me that has some amphibs and it sounds pretty intriguing. I'd love to hear feedback about them though, as I have zero experience with these and never really heard anyone talk about...
  6. CubDriver218

    Float rigging for Legend cub

    Do you know if 11 rigging is the same as 18 rigging? I see a set of floats for sale off a pa18-95 and wondering if thta'd work except for the wire pulls? just trying to get a good understanding before I purchase floats.
  7. CubDriver218

    Float rigging for Legend cub

    I'm in the market for some floats for an American Legend Texas sport. I'm wondering if regular PA11 or PA18 rigging will work? The Texas sport is 3" wider so I wasn't sure? Any ideas what rigging will and will not work for my applications? Thanks
  8. CubDriver218

    TN87 - KBRD any suggestions?

    Like the title suggest. I'm going to be flying a cub from TN87-KBRD sometime in Dec or Jan. Working on the scheduling and stuff now. Wondering if any of you have any recommendations for cool places to stop for fuel or overnight?
  9. CubDriver218

    Piper's Rough Adventure

    Please do.
  10. CubDriver218

    Piper's Rough Adventure

    Please do.
  11. CubDriver218

    Piper's Rough Adventure

    Some of you already know, and many of you do not, but my Daughter Piper Hope was born on 9/22/18. Piper was born with a Sacrococcygeal Teratoma that was removed when she was 4 days old. When removing the tumor it ruptured, and in the extra margin for error they take out they still found the...
  12. CubDriver218

    experimental vs certified

    So what about lights? I'd like to get all new LED lights and have strobes installed on our Cessna. I don't ever fly at night, and lights are not required for day flight, so lights aren't required equipment. If I only use them for collision avoidance during the day time when lights aren't even...
  13. CubDriver218

    experimental vs certified

    Maybe I'm thinking too hard, but I'm trying to figure out where logic and government regulations meet. Heres my question: If I have a Certified airplane can I put in an experimental instruments? If a G1000, or a G5 or whatever isn't required in the first place, and I'm not IFR rated and never...
  14. CubDriver218

    lost in the belly.

    This is why the military checks in and out every single tool, after every single job. If any nut, bolt, or any other piece of FOD is in the airplane - that airplane is down until it's found. The military takes FOD very seriously for a reason. It makes me nervous from time to time, because I...
  15. CubDriver218

    lost in the belly.

    Interesting. I'd want to know what it recorded, who/how did it get there.
  16. CubDriver218

    Where did you fly today?

    Another adventure to the Alexandria area of MN
  17. CubDriver218

    Where did you fly today?

    First trip to the Canadian Bahamas last weekend as sole captain of the ship. I sure miss having my Dad next to me, but feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to fly such an amazing airplane, and carry our legacy forward. It went well and I look forward to getting more experience.
  18. CubDriver218

    Cessna key reproduction?

    I stopped by our local hardware store and they tried their best to make a copy on one of the keys they had. And by gosh it worked. I now have 1 spare. Now that I know that one works, I should go get another one made. I'd just start stopping at local hardware stores that does keys. Someone...
  19. CubDriver218

    ways to secure a floatplane

    I'm wondering about all the decent options to secure a float plane. I would like to visit my in laws, however there''s no decent beach, The dock won't work, I really don't want o leave the plane floating so it has me wondering about the good options. Are there any reasonably priced manual lifts...
  20. CubDriver218

    step turns... tecnique

    Did some refresher training yesterday to get ready for float season, and I'll never like the feeling of step turns it feels like the plane is going to tip to the outside, but it hasn't and we've done some what I'd think are aggressive maneuvers. At this point I've never been into anywhere were...