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  1. Henny

    BWCAW USFS Search and Rescue

    John- Appreciate the nice words. That was Joe in Beaver 2 who found the lady. Jeremy, our newest pilot, hasn't had the pleasure of flying a SAR or MedEvac yet, except a ride-along with me during his initial training. This has been a pretty typical year with 13 events so far including 10...
  2. Henny

    Hey Minnesota Folks....

    Our new pilot has a 160-HP no-flap Super Cub and gives float instruction in it. Google "Higher Ground Aviation" or message him on IG: @MaineBushPilot. His stuff still says Maine, but I can assure you he is in Ely. He might be able to accommodate you. Pretty slow fire season up here so far...
  3. Henny

    Where did you fly today?

    Thanks Bill. Completed the elusive Trifecta yesterday. Beaver in the morning, Cub in the afternoon, Skywagon in the evening. And I didn't even mix up the three different trim locations!
  4. Henny

    Where did you fly today?

    Flying out of International Falls for work.
  5. Henny

    2022 Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering May 20-21, 2022!

    I know that airplane! And the photographer also… Agree that Sarah turned it into a masterpiece!!
  6. Henny

    Usfs beaver positions

    Mike and George are both correct. A lack of local Part 135 operators combined with the FS making it harder all the time for contractors to actually be "Qualified and Equipped" to meet contract standards make it a non-starter. Especially with Beavers and the number of AD's and the corrosion...
  7. Henny

    Usfs beaver positions

    Eric- We are not Rangers or LE qualified in any way, just straight government 2181 types. We will usually take a Deputy or USFS LEO with on any searches or LE missions and an EMT on MedEvacs. The exception is if we are already in the air when we get a call and we can get an injured party to...
  8. Henny

    Usfs beaver positions

    Paul- It varies, mostly depending on what kind of fire season we are having. Last year I flew about 420 hours. The year before was 240, but I was gone for 4 months getting my A&P. Most of the flying occurs April through October, but we keep busy the rest of the year with training, wildlife...
  9. Henny

    Usfs beaver positions

    George, there was actually talk not too long ago about taking one of our surplus fuselages and set of wings from Ely and rebuilding them into a new USFS Beaver that would be based in Alaska. The current USFS Beaver in Juneau is strictly used for Law Enforcement. You could probably make that...
  10. Henny

    Usfs beaver positions

    Like clockwork, another spring, another USAJobs posting for a Beaver position... https://www.usajobs.gov/job/639509300 All the same age, experience and flight time requirements from the previous posts. Video and article links also in previous posts for anyone interested in more information...
  11. Henny

    Usfs beaver positions

    Just let me know when you are in town and I'll give you the full tour!
  12. Henny

    Usfs beaver positions

    Exactly one year since the last post on this thread. We have 3 pilots in place and qualified and had an extremely busy fire season. Zane posted the article below over on BCP which describes the program and has some snazy photos. Goes hand-in-hand with the HDHP from earlier this year...
  13. Henny

    Dang rudders on 2960s are small.

    Well, I'll be... Time to order a couple more. Thanks!
  14. Henny

    Dang rudders on 2960s are small.

    Reviving this old thread as I have had issues with steering with my 2960's. Noticed during turns to the right that the right water rudder was partially coming up out of the water. Pulled my water rudder springs and found them deformed.So ordered a new pair from Kenmore and they came looking...
  15. Henny

    Oops, darn it...

    Some nasty storms with high winds ripped through Ely last night. Our Beavers rode it out alright, but this J4 tucked in next to the city dock on Shagawa ended up in the bushes. Sad day.
  16. Henny

    Top Cub Amphib Training

    I'm looking for someone who can give initial training in a CC-180 Top Cub on Wipaire 2100 amphibs. All of the OAS instructors are still backed up from COVID so we are looking at a commercial vendor if one exists. I've called TacAero but they don't have any Cubs on amphibs. Google was not much...
  17. Henny

    Where did you fly today?

    Overhead Jaranson's on the way home from a fire patrol today...
  18. Henny

    DHC-2 Ownership Cost

    The theory, at least as I've been told by more than one person, is that the upper induction is less prone to carb ice because the air runs through the warm engine compartment prior to entering the carb, as opposed to the lower induction air going straight to the carb without any warming effect...
  19. Henny

    Trick Air Ski Plane fly-in at McGregor, MN is rescheduled again to Saturday Feb 20th, 2021

    Front row parking (at least temporarily!). Thanks for a great event Paul!
  20. Henny

    I am having a hard time in Alaska. May I ask for some advice?

    Jin Bae- https://www.flyalaska.com/prelogin.html is worth the annual fee to get an idea of who is hiring and how much and what kind of time they are looking for. Henny