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    Fuel valve o-rings?

    This material appears to be cork. I was hoping it was just a dried up o-ring in there but no such luck.
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    Fuel valve o-rings?

    These are factory fuel valves. Both our -12’s have them. But yes they are different than the drawing.
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    Fuel valve o-rings?

    Yeah PA-12's use a different valve setup than PA-18's and Pacers do. I have not been able to find a parts diagram of the valve.
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    Fuel valve o-rings?

    Does anyone have a part number or source for the o-rings in the factory fuel valves? Yes I realize at some point they should be swapped out for a Dakota Cub valve or some other but thats out of the price range at this point in the project.
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    Sensenich Ground Adjustable Prop

    I believe there is one in Alaska. Think Ed French got one approved for his Pacer.
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    the lightest covering material you can get, that no one wants to use!

    But what mods are you doing to the Cains Quest sleds?
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    Standard Airglas vs. XL Sized Pods

    You are correct there are two sizes of Firmin pods. Plus Firmin pods have larger door openings. I have the smaller size Airglass pod and the door constriction is annoying. With that said there is plenty of room in it for packing rifles, shotguns etc but bags and boxes dont fit through the...
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    Steves Brake Booster install

    Just standard AN fittings on the boosters and calipers. No special Piper fittings needed.
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    Whiskey Tango....

    Thats a pretty good idea to clean up the fit on flaps or ailerons.
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    Sullivan’s Carbon Fiber Wingtips

    Anyone know the weight savings of the carbon fiber wing tips vs the standard fiberglass ones?
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    Crosswinds STOL 160hp STC Question

    If your EGT's are lower then you are not running lean.
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    Alternator and regulator wiring

    The jumper wire part of the instructions were what had me questioning things. Thank you for clarifying more than one thing does in fact need to be jumped. If it was my plane and my money I would most likely replace everything with new for peace of mind but thats not the case.
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    Alternator and regulator wiring

    Lol Web. I bought the plane like this, but the old interav regulator was still partially installed so I wanted to double check everything.
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    Alternator and regulator wiring

    Working on a PA-12 with an InterAv alternator and Plane Power regulator installed. Plane has not run with this combo installed and want to make sure it’s wired correctly. Had a question about paragraph 7 in the Plane Power instruction guide.
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    FS: 1946 Super Cruiser, Ground up restoration with Super Cub Mods

    Good looking PA-12! Your website is spelled wrong. www.supercruiser42M.weebly.com
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    PA-20/22 Cabin Air Vent

    Dave at Sutton Aircraft usually has some. Thats cheaper than Univair!
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    New Gear legs

    With a set of wing jacks at the lift strut attachment points.
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    Pa 18 trim

    what do you mean by “super cub empennage”? if you are talking tail feathers the answer is yes.