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    Kydex interior panels

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    Looking for Gray Kydex T...

    Thanks Peter
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    Kydex interior panels

    Does anyone have a source for Kydex Thanks Gary
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    Looking for Gray Kydex T...

    Hi All I am looking for some Kydex for the interior of my cub project. So I would like .028 thick. It seams to harder then I thought to get it and I don't need 30 sheets or 600 lbs. Does anyone have a couple sheets to sell or know where I can buy a couple sheets. At this point I will take...
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    Carbon Seats

    HAULAerospace I am building a cub and I am at the point where I need seats. Are you in a position to sell a set of seats. Garyraser@outlook.com Thanks Gary
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    Revamp of my Experimental PA18-95

    Stickman I am building a cub, I am at the point where I am looking for seats. Do you like the Javron seats? Do you remember what they cost? Thanks Gary
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    Maule thread

    I am planing to fly to AK in early to mid June and looking for someone with another plane to pair up with for the flight. I have a M-7 and the guy I was planning on flying up with can’t go this year. If anyone is interested in going please let me know. Gary
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    Torque Tube Shims

    Could someone tell me the difference in function between the J-3 torque tube and the PA-18. I am building an experimental cub. And have a J-3 torque tube assembly I was planning on using. I started with Wag-Aero drawings but have switched to pretty much PA-18 drawings and I am get a lot of...
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    Gear Leg Cover?

    Can someone tell me the best grade and gauge of aluminum to use to cover legs as well as access panels.
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    PA-11 Assembly

    Thanks skywagon8a, I have also talked to Jay from Javron and he assured me the 40622 & the 40592 will work well on my plane.
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    Tail surface kits

    I am building a cub, powering it with a 150 HP O-320. I am trying to find PA-18 drawings for the Fin and the Rudder. I have a copy of DWG # 40622 & 40592. I am of the belief that these DWG,s are for the J-3 & J-5 and the PA-18 Fin & Rudder are larger. Does anyone have a copy of PA-18 drawings...
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    PA-11 Assembly

    I thought these part drawings are for a J-3 and I thought the J-3 has a smaller rudder than the Pa-18. I am thinking that with the 150 Hp I will want the bigger Pa-18 rudder. But I am sure that the Pa-18 rudder is bigger but I thinks it is? Thanks
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    PA-11 Assembly

    Do you know where I can get the basic dimensions for the Rudder and fin. I like the idea of the PA-11 flat back
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    PA-11 Assembly

    Thanks Guys, I haven't checked into the control stick yet, but I will. I have found detailed drawings of PA-18 Stabilizer DWG # 12769 and Elevator DWG # 12770 on a website supercubproject.com/drawings/ On this site I have found drawings of J-3 Rudder DWG # 40622 and Fin DWG # 40592 I also...
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    PA-11 Assembly

    I am going to take Supercrow's advice and change to super cub tail feathers. Does anyone have a set of super cub tail fathers for sale? I would even be interested a damaged set I could use for a template and reverse engineer them. Buying new from Univair is a little out of the budget. Thanks
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    PA-11 Assembly

    Thanks Supercrow
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    PA-11 Assembly

    Hi All, I am building a experimental PA-11. I started with what I thought was a J-3 basket case. It turns out that I have a bunch of miscellaneous parts, with no paper work, the fuselage is a J-3 in very good shape, it had been in a fixture and and repaired. Whoever repaired the fuselage did a...
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    PA-11 Assembly

    Could anyone till me the difference in the windshield for a J-3and a PA-11? I am building an experimental, I have a J-3 fuselage I am Copying and I am using PA-11 wings. I also have a J-3 windshield I am trying to decide if I should use the J-3 windshield or buy a new PA-11 windshield...
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    Vern Crane has Gone West

    Sorry for your loss Jim