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    Old, Bold Pilots...Ed Erickson Nominated for the MN Aviation Hall of Fame

    Im sad to hear of Ed's passing. I flew with him a few times in the Albatross, TBM, B-25 and other aircraft during his days at AmJet. He was a truly skilled pilot & a great guy. I have no doubt that your efforts will pay off, there would be no one more deserving to be in ANY Aviation Hall of Fame!!
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    Doing What It Takes

    Great video, an inspiring view to have on life
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    Border Crossing Woes

    Spinner, sorry I should have been more clear. Sand Point Lake, seaplane AOE. Yep I'm fermilular with the process, I've crossed by truck and flown commercial into CA before with guns. Pretty much a non-event there. Just curious about Sand Point Lake because its so remote. Thanks for the phone...
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    Border Crossing Woes

    Have any of you guys ever brought a gun through Sand Point? I've only been there once & forgot to ask about it. I'll be crossing there next month. I'll call them too, but figured I'd ask your experience with it. Thanks.
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    Beacon Registration

    Good info! Thanks
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    turf roller

    We have hired a paving company to stop by with a large vib roller a couple times. Wasn't very expensive, said were not in a hurry & to stop when they were in the area.
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    Suggestions for Maximizing Life of Alaska Bushwheels?

    Randy, just use the grass until MAC says something about it, then plead your case, what can it hurt? If your over this way stop by the OLD Jane's tower, all we have is grass & it's un-manned 24/7 :)
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    Small outboard motors

    I saw a bracket forsale once that attached to the rear spreader, think it was for one of the larger displacement EDO's. Rigged to the water rudder cables so you could steer from inside. I doubt you'd wanna just flip it up & fly that way, but add a couple rod holders to the front cleats & troll...
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    Ferry pilot wanted. AZ to MN

    I'm interested if you still need help. Sounds fun ;)
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    L21 Glass

    More info here. http://www.supercub.org/forum/showthread.php?39370-L-21-Glass
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    Oops, darn it...

    Sorry, yup I read it wrong. Thanks
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    Engine Experts--Advice Please

    Mike are you rotating those bottoms to the next cyl at inspections?
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    Oops, darn it...

    That's the first groundloop fatality I've ever heard of
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    Question: Balloons and Parachutes

    "The pilot was contacted by radio, and the crewmen, who observed the storm on their cellular telephone, advised the pilot that the storm was "getting big very quick." The pilot advised the parachutists to exit the balloon, and the ground crew watched them exit in pairs. The parachutists reached...
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    Question: Balloons and Parachutes

    I cant answer that, but im amazed he tried to climb OVER a T-storm instead of just landing it... Also i think you need a valid 2nd class med to fly ballons commercially, not a 3rd that expired 15 years ago.
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    The Baron and the Bootlegger

    I have a feeling that the conclusion to the story may not come until May... Its possible the statute of limitations on the alledged crime is 35 years & hes pacing himself to avoid charges :) Great story, loving it.
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    This Super Cub was NOT stolen from the Twin Falls airport!

    Love it, xtranormal is great. Check out the iphone vs HTC Evo parody on youtube. Very funny stuff.
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    Stolen PA-18

    Glad it was located, so was it your buddy flying it on Dec 7th when it was spotted?
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    How Much?

    As far as she knows, i have not purchased much of anything new in years, except the recent 2nd plane. 'that was always in the gun cabinet' or 'it was in the hangar' usually works. The new floatplane related items are impossible to explain away. :)
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    Hangar Ideas

    I lived in an hangar apartment at ANE for 2weeks when I was home on break from A&P school. Apprentice sorta thing with a friend. Pretty cool place to 'call home' with a Mustang below your bedroom window! :)