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  1. Grant

    Airframes extended gear poor fit.

    I had a similar problem about 5 years ago on the Maule HD Gear. It did not require too much but it was not perfect.....Neither is a Maule....
  2. Grant

    Standard PA-18 vs. wide body measurements . . .

    Basically, it is 4" wider from the aft wing mount station to the fwd wing stations, then tapers to the the standard firewall.
  3. Grant

    What was I thinking

    I dont see the problem here....
  4. Grant

    Removing Rear Stick for Young PAX

    FROM EXPERIENCE... RE: Car Seats.... PLEASE be sure to check control movements before putting a car seat in the airplane. I put my daughter in the back seat a long time ago, in a different airplane and I was so excitd to take her flying that I was in a hurry. THANK GOD I realized I was...
  5. Grant

    Exhaust options

    Screenshot from a video
  6. Grant

    Kearney Swager

    PM sent
  7. Grant

    2023 Oshlosh

    I would like to know more about this thing....
  8. Grant

    Lawsuit filed over Frank Church Wilderness

    If you read the two letters, they (the group in favor of closing the strips) misquoted the letter from the State in 1982. Basically the state said; " not taking any physical action to make them UNUSABLE" Then the group in favor of closing the strips used that letter against them saying...
  9. Grant

    Best Training Prop

    One problem I have is that my dad taught me to pay attention when people are talking.....He would say "Listen to what they say, especially in casual conversation, they tend to reveal alot about themselves". I've had this problem since I was about 12. And I notice when people say "I got my...
  10. Grant

    I need bolts

    Dang Tom - you get a great discount!
  11. Grant

    A couple of questions from an ignorant newbie

    Agreed. My choice would be 160HP and as light as possible... Welcome Aboard!
  12. Grant

    Prop of the future?

    I miss Skup…..
  13. Grant

    FedEx Lou back in the hood

    This is gonna get good! :pop:
  14. Grant

    J3 Instrument Panel

    ---------------------- Sure they do if you read the correct Part 23 ammendment based on the Certification Basis, which is found in the TCDS. The TCDS does not "Override" the regulations....It doesn't work that way.... You are correct the 8 series are Part 23, but from a very early ammendment...
  15. Grant

    J3 Instrument Panel

    Yes but keep reading..... ....In addition: (1) The instrument that most effectively indicates the attitude must be on the panel in the top center position; (2) The instrument that most effectively indicates airspeed must be adjacent to and directly to the left of the instrument in the top...
  16. Grant

    J3 Instrument Panel

    Here we go.... Gladly - Keep in mind that the OP's mechanic is inccorect using this refrence.... and I am only assuming this is what his concern is.... 23.1321 - Amendment Number: 23-49, Effective Date: 03/11/1996 Again, not applicable in this situation. ----------------- The only reference...
  17. Grant

    J3 Instrument Panel

    Bruce, the requirements that he is concerned about are intended to be associated with aircraft that are tandem, in that the instruments should be placed in such a way to not be difficult to see. There are some requirements that require the primary flight instruments be positioned in a standard...
  18. Grant

    Marion harrasses a beaver with a boat.

    That's kinda my point.... It is amazing how quickly I can apply my opinion of the clearly negative behavior of her to the things she is associated with... Clearly Filson had nothing to do with her behavior.... BUT... it's the REALITY of "guilt by association"... I did not say it was appropriate...