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  1. Coyote Flats Airstrip and Bishop Airport (CA)

    Did a several hour flight around the Sierras today with my daughter, checked out Coyote Flats, wanted to see some of that area from the ground, but the wind was blowing pretty good; had about a 20...
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    First Flights...

    Been cruising around the southern end of the Sierras and seeing some of the local spots. Put about 5 hours so far in the last 2 days.

    Todays flight was with my mother, she has only ever flown...
  3. couldn't view either of those vids...but heres...

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    Finally Arrived!

    George was courteous enough to ferry my new (to me) super cub down from Alaska for me.

    Can't wait to start putting the hours on it!!!
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    haha! I want it to fly around and use, not be...


    I want it to fly around and use, not be a show plane.

    So you're thinking it looks fine? nothing to cry about for the next few years most likely?
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    What is your take on this rust?

    Doing a pre-buy right now on a plane in AK, it was on floats for awhile, and I'm assuming this is directly related to that.

    Guy doing the pre-buy inspection for me said it doesn't look bad and...
  7. sounds good.

    sounds good.
  8. cub guy in Palmer, AK for pre-buy inspection?

    hey guys,

    looking at N2KA that's been on barnstormers and alaskalist for a few weeks now.

    Wondering if anyone has any info on this plane and also looking for a reputable guy to possible do a...
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