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  • We're down to 3 or 4 inches of ice and hard packed snow, with 3 or 4 inches of new snow on top. The rain you are going to get is coming here. They say we are going to get 2 to 3 inches of rain. If we get that much it will take away the snow. If that happens I'll go back to wheels.
    I tried something yesterday that was cool. I flew for 2 hours with my truck GPS along with mt 496. The truck GPS gives all kinds of info the 496 doesn't. Try it sometime it's neat. I think the one in my truck is a Garmin 2720. It gives names to all kinds of things. I was going to try to figure out the map source thing for the 496, but this is easier.
    Holy schitt, 1/2" of ice is not good! And trees down across the driveway is a royal pain in the ass too. I guess you are sick of winter. At least you still have power.

    Ton of rain forecast for here tomorrow. I'm off this week, then go back for 3 weeks of duty next time around. Trying to bank some extra time off for this summer. Hoping to head out west again for the summer, if the FAA will cooperate.

    How long will you keep the ski's on the plane?
    Hey Sunshine,

    Has it quit snowing yet?

    Your still going to be on skis at Lockhaven! Heheheh!

    I think it'll be in the 70's here tomorrow. Brrrrr.

    Hey Old Cuby called me today right after I landed Down here in Florida. He said Jim Doody is coming down here to buy a SuperCub?

    What do you know about it? I thought he was queer for a Super Cruiser?

    I'm down here for the week, I'd like to go see the plane and Jim if it's close by.


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