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  • Hi; I did not build the aircraft. I assisted a little, and observed more, way back when. Connie Thorstensen built this one in 97, and 98. He got new one piece spars somewhere. I think he went to Canada and got them from Milo D'Angeles, or some similiar spelling. He followed plans for The Bushmaster, with a stretch of 24 inches. The wings are one bay longer, each side than a supercub, and have supercub airfoil. The second Bushmaster he built, got Riblett wings, with aileron, and flap hinges brackets,. which were tubular and hung below the bottom cord of the wing. Both wings were built with new spar material, both front and back without splices. I keep the aircraft at Coeurd"alene, and have been flying it, since I got the 0-360 on it. Building 4 CdA. edwardlowry@hotmail.com
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