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Bill Rusk
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  • Bill
    Don't have a trip on the board through the end of Nov. :(
    I would love to do it. Perhaps we can figure out how to get together.I'll call
    Bill Saw the post about your accident and was really bummed. We were really sorry that you had to cancel your trip down earlier this year. The new house on the lake is now finished and we would like to reschedule. I know you have a lot on your mind and no plane at present, but that too will change. Please email me at herzog@gherzog.com or cell phone 903-335-3021/home 903-383-7979 when you have some time. Gene Herzog
    Hey Bro, see you are on. It's awfully early.....how are ya doing today? Look forward to chatting with you shortly.
    Hey Bill
    Just seen a post you made so I know your up. I was talking to Gunny last night and we are thinking you might like to meet up with us in June to fly up to Nimpo lake in canada. Probably make a two day stay over and do some fishing while there. We could meet somewhere in Eastern Washington then go straight up to Nimpo Lake. Guess it takes about 4 hours. Thought I would bounce that off you and see what you thought. How have you been. Speaking of Bounces, I bounced my cub in pretty good tonight. Gusty Cross wind and It ballooned back up. pushed the nose over and got it back on the ground then slowed it down some and I was okay.
    Great fun, just love flying the cub. Take care

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