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  1. Hello Steve!
    I was talking to you at the meet and greet in Anchorage about my carburator for my 0-235. You were mentioning I think aircraft spruce as the vendor that does flow checking of their rebuilt carbs. But I don't remember. In any case I want to send mine out or get a rebuilt and send mine in as a core. The real thing I e
    Want to do islet one with an accelerator pump as priming for a restart is a real pain when you are sailing into your parking spot in a strong wind . It's a bit windy out here and when you need to restart in a hurry, the primer is too cumbersome. My fuel burn is 8gph so something is up with the carb. I think honestly its the float is set wrong as when I shut down, the carb drips a bit of fuel, but I want to follow our suggestion and have the flow check done. Thanks for your time!
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