View Full Version : How long do different jobs take on a J3?

04-07-2021, 07:42 AM
A bit of an odd query, but here is the background. My Cub is type certified so has to go through a certified shop in South Africa, I have used some guys at a local airfield and since they started the job I have found out the business is not in a great place financially, my Cub is the only aircraft there.... The kicker is I have received an invoice way larger than I anticipated, looking through the break down the hours allocated to different jobs seem much higher than I would expect. I have worked on a few aeri's and other bits and pieces but never a J3 so perhaps there are complexities with these jobs that I am not aware of. If anyone is happy giving some anonymous estimations of what they recon the following would take I'd appreciate a second/third/fourth opinion. Private message or post here appreciated. I want to give the Maintenance organisation the benefit of the doubt so if my estimations are off then I will suck it up happily. The following are the items carried out, all are without any snags or other issues:

Change Bungees (?) hrs
Remove 4" wheels, fit 6" cleveland wheels with disc breaks and fit 29" Airstreaks (?) hrs
Re-install engine and prop after overhaul (?) hrs
Remove, overhaul and re-install tailwheel (?) hrs
Re-assemble wings and tail after shipping and rig (?) hrs
Annual airframe and airframe components (?) hrs