View Full Version : LOL, Just saw the Husky thread

11-07-2017, 09:59 AM
Its empty in here and I can hear the echo when I type! I'm rebuilding a 98' A1A and was wondering when I saw this.

11-07-2017, 12:01 PM
You can change that! What type of mods are you planning? I have a Christen A-1, highly recommend Burl's AOSS.


11-09-2017, 06:59 AM
I would love to see your mods and progress as you rebuild. There is a person who posts on the Husky site who is rebuilding what will hopefully be the lightest A-1 ever. I have a new wing A-1B and I really like mine. It should make you a great plane. What are your plans for the rebuild?

12-04-2019, 10:08 AM
I have a early Husky 90 `180 and I like the way it preforms! it is lighter then my 57 super cub 160 it is also lighter then my 95 Husky I just sold . What mods are best for the early Huskys ?

12-04-2019, 11:40 AM
I haven’t really done many mods on it yet. I rebuilt the engine and put a new prop on. The rest I did was repairs of the flip over damage. I also changed the wing tips to the up sweep style as the ones that were on it broke on the flip.
I did buy the SOS for the gear and the ATLee Dodge axle kit and used the 1 1/2” axles. I have 8.50’s on it now and have some 26” Goodyear’s I may put on. Also had the wing struts powder coated.
To lighten a Husky is huge money starting with a MT Prop, seats etc. I don’t plan on using it in confined strips that it will make a big difference. I guess I’m getting old but to shorten a t/O by 50-100’ for $20,000.00 doesn’t work for me. If I were sheep hunting yes maybe.