View Full Version : Utah Backcountry Strips: Link to pics, videos & trip report

06-04-2016, 08:47 PM
Last weekend a friend and I flew my experimental Super Cub out to W of Moab, Utah. We flew into and visited a number of backcountry strips that were mostly all created during the uranium mining boom of the 1950's. Most of the strips are now informally maintained by pilots through a cooperative agreement with the BLM. We flew out Saturday morning and returned Monday morning. Camped two nights.

Trip report (links to pictures, text & many videos): http://eaerofab.com/docs/UtahTripMay2016.pdf

Here's a picture to get you interested:

06-04-2016, 09:16 PM
Great write-up. I rode along with a couple of my buddies to Nokai Dome last month. Unfortunantly we were only able to camp for one night because the winds picked up too much. Hopefully next year I'll get to fly my own airplane there and stay longer too.

06-05-2016, 02:51 AM
Superb write up and awesome compilation of pictures and short vid's :up