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01-16-2005, 02:16 PM
I`m rebuilding a pa-18 95 ``no flaps`` and i want to build longer flaps and move ailerons to a square end.I want to lower the hinges swivel point of those flaps to act like semi fowler flaps.I should say it will be experimental and will have a 160HP to pull harder.Is it a good or bad thing on a cub wing?Should i go with stock flap configuration? Does anybody have comments on this mod?

Thank You!

01-16-2005, 02:35 PM

Your wing configuration is up to you. I suggest it might be better to sell the stock wings you have and build a set of Dakota Cub or Smith wings with the features you want. Being experimental opens a lot of doors.

You might also want to consider not taking your certified Cub over to experimental. Why not sell it as a certified Cub and buy a Smith kit? With all the mods you mention, you're talking a complete teardown so building a kit isn'tany more work!?

John Scott

01-16-2005, 04:02 PM
Frenchy; I have a comment. It is purely a personal observation, many may disagree entirely, and I certainly ain't no Treehugger that feels early Piper airplanes should be "left alone" because they were the best they could be when they were built. On top of all that, I last of all wish to start an argument!

But the way I feel is that you might ask yourself whether you might be "spoiling" the nicest flying Super Cub design ever built. Not the "Leanest, Meanest BullDog on the block", not the "get off quickest, haul the Oats Weightliftin' Monster in the Backwoods or out on the Tundra". Certainly not a High Performance Cub any Wildman would be Proud to be seen at the concrete airport in...But in MY opinion the sweetest flying of the breed (and moreso on a set of Federal SC-2s or A1500As. At least when you get older, you can still push it back in the hangar!). For some reason, the combination of hp, weight, flight controls all adds up to "sweet flyin'". Of all the Super Cubs, the 18-95 No Flap in the Bone Stock configuration is the one I would rather be in when Surveying My Realm at about 500 ft agl on a quiet evening just before the Sun goes home for the day. Anything you can do to that airplane will make it do SOMETHING better. But the one thing you will LOSE is that sweet flying combination. Almost ANY other model Cub would do the same thing specialized things with mod after mod piled on top, but only the unbalanced tailed, no flapped -18 flies the way it does. That may not make a bit of difference to you, but somewhere out there is somebody looking for a real nice example of a stock PA-18 (no Dash Number) with a Cont C-90 and a lot more people that SHOULD BE rather than wanting all the Bells and Whistles. I'd say a Smith would be a better candidate, for sure (for more reasons than this "lame one", too).

Man if I were going to do anything like that, I would KEEP every stock piece I unbolted off of it safe for "another day"! But it's yours, and I really have nothing to say about it, except that is my opinion.

01-16-2005, 10:50 PM
Hi Wingie!

Thanks for your reply. The only problem i have is that i bought this project without the 90hp engine, it came with a dynafocal 0-320.
I know what you mean when you say that the light cubs flys better,i own a cub coupe J4e on floats``EDO 1320`` with a 0-200 and it`s a delight to fly.The only problem is when i want to go fishing with another person with my 60 pounds folding porta boat,outboard engine and camping gear,i will probably sink before i can take off :(

Hope my english is not to bad!


Dave Calkins
01-17-2005, 08:36 PM
Your English looks just fine.

Check out the "NorthStar" Cub clone. It has a slotted flap larger than the Cubs, although not a true "Fowler" flap.

01-19-2015, 01:53 AM
If your after more flaps why not just copy how Maule did it to the same basic wing? Use their a hole set up an false spar right down to getting a set of their flaps and ailerons from a wrecked M7 ? An 18 wing with those deeper flaps would get you down into 30mph arena
I am guessing............... just food for thought , but at least your not recreating the whole wheel? Good luck with the project!
Eskimo77 has started a set of wings with Cessna flaps?? I think its more work than the Maule route, but I bet he cones up with a great performer as well. This flap thing is sonething that should be looked at pretty closely, as I am sure if you replaced a M7 flap with standard
PA18 flaps and ailerons it would be a dog compared to how it flys with those huge flaps. Keep up the good work!