View Full Version : Wide Deck 160 For Sale

05-13-2004, 08:46 PM
I've got an O320-B2B Wide Deck 160 for sale if any of you homebuilt SC guys are interested. I had hoped to put it on a project of my own but it looks like I'm looking at a move to the Pacific Northwest instead. This engine was removed from a flying Bakeng Duece. It has 1254 hours SMOH. Since it was on a homebuilt, it will have to go back on a homebuilt or be reinspected for use on a certified ship. The engine is complete except for mags. It has carb, air box, bracket air filter, vent lines, Piper oil cooler, vacuum pump, and so on. I believe $6750 is a fair price for it. If anyone is interested you can PM or email directly. badfj40@yahoo.com