View Full Version : NY to FL via Missouri

11-19-2003, 12:11 PM
Every fall I fly from NY to Florida. The trip usually takes ten hours of flying, no wind. My friend that owns the airport in Florida where I have my shack also owns about 2000 acres of farmland in Missouri. He wanted me to fly to Missouri to see his farm and his new hanger house on the way to Florida.
I left my home strip, 25 miles east of Albany Oct.18 at 7:15 am. The weather in the northeast was terrible, maybe 3 miles a 1000ft ceiling with mist and occasional rain. I headed west about 20 miles to the Hudson River, then south along the river. I passed over some ground fog that lasted way to long, about 30 min.. I almost forgot, the wind was from the west at 15 to 25 gusting to 90. Well maybe not 90 but it felt like it.
. The weather was like this until I got down to Maryland when the ceiling went up, the visibility got better but the wind was on the nose. I stopped for fuel in Easton PA. then headed for a gap in the mountains 30 miles east of Winchester VA.. What a ride that was. I slowed down to 65 or 70 so the wings would stay on.
From Winchester I headed south to Shenandoah Valley (SHD) for fuel and to get sectionals I needed for the trip west. From Shenandoah Valley west, the first 40 miles were beautiful, 4000ft. mountains and green valleys. After 40 miles, things went down hill. The wind was from the west at 30 and I was headed west.
West Virginia and eastern Kentucky are nothing but small mountains with nothing inbetween. I stopped for fuel at Hazard Kentucky and was glad to be on the ground. I left Hazard and thought I could make it to Missouri, but with 200 miles to go and the sun in my eyes I couldn?t take it anymore. I stopped at Addington airport in Elizabethtown Kentucky got a motel, ate, and drank some beer.
The next morning I flew west, over Paducah, Kentucky and into my friends perfect 2000ft grass strip. While there I saw the sites, and landed in my friends 1200acre soybean field. (not much of a challenge) I stayed there two days then headed for Florida.
I made one stop in Gadsen, Alabama. for fuel. My tach. said 5.5 hours from Missouri to Florida, My ground speed was 140 to 150, what a ride.