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  1. Carbon Cub Rough Running Engine
  2. Intermittent Miss and Sudden High Oil Consumption
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  5. Standard Landing Gear for Carbon Cub
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  7. Fuel lever removal
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  12. What are CC11-100 Sport Cub owners seeing as empty weights?
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  14. FX3/EX3 Weight and Balance
  15. New SB out
  16. Flying with a dog?
  17. Beringer ALG vs. Acme Aero for FX3
  18. TK1 vs. Acme Aero (SEP 2020)
  19. Castrol Foam Filter Oil or Amsoil High Tack Foam Filter Oil
  20. CC18 Third Seat?
  21. Ran across this cubcrafters review on another site.....
  22. FX3 options/recommendations for off-airport ops
  23. Top Cub Amphib Training
  24. FX/EX breaker switch failure
  25. New exhaust wrecks FX-3?
  26. Cable Tension: do the cables ever stabilize tension wise
  27. Approved Belly Pods CC-18
  28. Carbon Cub Preemptive Modification
  29. Long term storage (3-6 months) tips
  30. FX-3 problem report - flaps
  31. Extreme rich idle mixture - FX-3
  32. Max Gross Weight
  33. 4 1/2" instead of 5" Propeller Bolts?