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  1. Change
  2. rebuilt 12 rolling out
  3. Wag Aero Tanks Part #s
  4. Solo from Back Seat???
  5. Brake pads
  6. Pre Buy Tips
  7. 12 For Sale in Michigan
  8. PA12 Flight Characteristics Vs. PA18
  9. PA12 Boot Cowl Cracking
  10. PA12 One Flap Up, One Flap Down
  11. PA-12 Catto
  12. O-290 Long Mount Field Approval
  13. Question for the community about my PA-12 N3447M
  14. Trim Misery
  15. Remote Oil Filter and Fuel Caps
  16. Cowl Latches
  17. Best PA-12 Exhaust/muffler?
  18. PA12 Gap Seals
  19. Fuel Step Handles
  20. Pa12 tiedowns
  21. Does anyone have experiences with a PA12 on Wipaire 2100 amphis?
  22. Brake Reservoir
  23. Portable GPS
  24. PA12 w/150hp - Which is the best Prop
  25. Weight & Balance
  26. Is there an STC for a PA12 on amph's with the o-360 (180HP)
  27. Static RPM
  28. PA-12 Fuel System and Landing Gear - Tilting aircraft with unwanted fuel transfer between tanks
  29. Bauman Floats
  30. Aileron cable interference
  31. Sutton Exhaust Hole In TAil Pipe.
  32. Newbie (but aircraft experienced) PA-12 Crank Handle Trim Pulley replacement questions
  33. Removing the left Brake Pedal and master cylinder
  34. Low Volts Light staying on above 1100 RPM, initial troubleshooting done, expert input needed!!!
  35. Gross Weight Increase
  36. Issues with PA12 cowling
  37. Changing out PA-12 bungee cords
  38. Leaking port fuel tank on landing and left rudder slip
  39. Sky-Tec Starter install?
  40. Hood scoop ???
  41. Replacing the rear headliner in a fabriced aircraft
  42. Pre-Buy near Scranton, PA
  43. "Grating" or "scratchy" throttle feel from metal on pitted metal when using the throttle
  44. List of all PA-12 ADs
  45. Door off safety net?!!!
  46. Real world PA-12 speeds
  47. Tail Brace Wires (again!!)
  48. O-235 Oil Leak ID Line-Up!!
  49. Convincing the wife
  50. Long Flap -12 stc drawings
  51. Where to fit the Mode S Transponder Antenna
  52. W&B question with Borer increased GW
  53. N2505M Info
  54. PA-14 landing gear on a PA-12
  55. PA-12 Muffler Support Rods - Pictures?
  56. PA-12 Air Energy Fuel Tank
  57. Revisiting Best Prop Options
  58. Pa12 lift strut measurement
  59. 1947 Piper PA12
  60. PA-12 wheel hub
  61. PA-12 AOSS w/ 6" Gear
  62. Hooker shoulder harness
  63. PA-12 Engine Upgrade STC SA2-159
  64. Pa12 aoi
  65. Hull Insurance