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  1. Change
  2. rebuilt 12 rolling out
  3. Wag Aero Tanks Part #s
  4. Solo from Back Seat???
  5. Brake pads
  6. Pre Buy Tips
  7. 12 For Sale in Michigan
  8. PA12 Flight Characteristics Vs. PA18
  9. PA12 Boot Cowl Cracking
  10. PA12 One Flap Up, One Flap Down
  11. PA-12 Catto
  12. O-290 Long Mount Field Approval
  13. Question for the community about my PA-12 N3447M
  14. Trim Misery
  15. Remote Oil Filter and Fuel Caps
  16. Cowl Latches
  17. Best PA-12 Exhaust/muffler?
  18. PA12 Gap Seals
  19. Fuel Step Handles
  20. Pa12 tiedowns
  21. Does anyone have experiences with a PA12 on Wipaire 2100 amphis?
  22. Brake Reservoir
  23. Portable GPS
  24. PA12 w/150hp - Which is the best Prop
  25. Weight & Balance
  26. Is there an STC for a PA12 on amph's with the o-360 (180HP)
  27. Static RPM
  28. PA-12 Fuel System and Landing Gear - Tilting aircraft with unwanted fuel transfer between tanks
  29. Bauman Floats
  30. Aileron cable interference
  31. Sutton Exhaust Hole In TAil Pipe.
  32. Newbie (but aircraft experienced) PA-12 Crank Handle Trim Pulley replacement questions
  33. Removing the left Brake Pedal and master cylinder
  34. Low Volts Light staying on above 1100 RPM, initial troubleshooting done, expert input needed!!!
  35. Gross Weight Increase
  36. Issues with PA12 cowling
  37. Changing out PA-12 bungee cords
  38. Leaking port fuel tank on landing and left rudder slip
  39. Sky-Tec Starter install?
  40. Hood scoop ???
  41. Replacing the rear headliner in a fabriced aircraft
  42. Pre-Buy near Scranton, PA
  43. "Grating" or "scratchy" throttle feel from metal on pitted metal when using the throttle
  44. List of all PA-12 ADs
  45. Door off safety net?!!!
  46. Real world PA-12 speeds
  47. Tail Brace Wires (again!!)
  48. O-235 Oil Leak ID Line-Up!!
  49. Convincing the wife
  50. Long Flap -12 stc drawings
  51. Where to fit the Mode S Transponder Antenna
  52. W&B question with Borer increased GW
  53. N2505M Info
  54. PA-14 landing gear on a PA-12
  55. PA-12 Muffler Support Rods - Pictures?
  56. PA-12 Air Energy Fuel Tank
  57. Revisiting Best Prop Options
  58. Pa12 lift strut measurement
  59. 1947 Piper PA12
  60. PA-12 wheel hub
  61. PA-12 AOSS w/ 6" Gear
  62. Hooker shoulder harness
  63. PA-12 Engine Upgrade STC SA2-159
  64. Pa12 aoi
  65. Hull Insurance
  66. PA12-150 Left Window Installation Fitment issues - need some help
  67. Pa-12 operating limitations manual
  68. New Flying Club desires wisdom on PA-12 Engine
  69. Pa-12, adding left structural support tube for floats
  70. O235-C to O320 upgrade
  71. PA-12 / 14 Firewall Drawings
  72. 337 for Summit Skis
  73. Pa-12 Seat Removal?
  74. 82 inch prop for PA12 w/ 150hp McKenzie STC
  75. Which STC for PA18 Gear on a PA12
  76. Oil tight O235-C?
  77. O-290D2 into a O-320A2B narrow deck case
  78. PA-12 Cabane Vee Questions..
  79. Engine STC for the O-320-E2A? SA2038WE?
  80. O235-C piston ring kits
  81. PA-12 Weight in Tail Any Documentation?
  82. Aileron bay ribs
  83. Trim Assembly Overhaul Time
  84. Prospective buyer seeking input on PA-12 value.
  85. PA12 Adjustable Front Seat Options
  86. Best starter for PA-12 with O-320?
  87. Floorboard drawing
  88. OG instrument panel photos request
  89. O235-C2C Propellers and power
  90. Pa 12 x-brass alteration field approval possibilities
  91. Lycoming engine colours!!!
  92. Anyone have a PA-12 with an O235-C2C?
  93. PA-12 cabin heater box and other firewall forward jobs :)
  94. Skylight/X-Brace
  95. PA-12 Gull wing or Split door?
  96. Variable pitch prop on pa12 experimentsl
  97. Vintage Oil Temgerature Gauge?
  98. New guy, new pa-12 build
  99. Aileron Bellcrank bolt specs
  100. Sensenich W80DM Composite prop on a 150HP instead of Borer?
  101. Engine back from overhaul... A1A to A3A and Kenmore STC for PA-12
  102. PA-12 (actually PA-18) Heat Shroud renovation
  103. P Lead length
  104. Float fittings info needed
  105. Making doors for A PA-12
  106. PA-12 Wing Spar Drawings
  107. Balanced Tail Worth It?
  108. Starboard PA-12 O235 exhaust replacement
  109. Rear Throttle STC?
  110. Buying a Super Cruiser
  111. Intermittent stumble on O-235-C1
  112. Kentmore Harbor STC O320 Conversion.
  113. PA-12 weighing levelling marks
  114. Zeroing and re-marking an AC Cub Tachometer
  115. PA-12 underwing fuel "gauges" replacement parts/replacement in general
  116. Cracked fuselage
  117. PA12 Cruiser rebuild/upgrade project
  118. "Standard" PA-12 fuel tanks finger strainer size
  119. My first Piper...
  120. PA-12 Elevator Trim Spring
  121. PA-12 techniques/numbers
  122. ISO upper cowling channel pa-12
  123. Exhaust fumes in cabin
  124. PA-12 Carb Heat Box
  125. PA-12 vs PA-14 ?
  126. PA-12 Wing Spars... Dakota or Univair?
  127. 5.5 year PA-12 project complete
  128. J-5 PA12 Aileron Drawings
  129. @ Cost of 18 gear for a already modified PA-12 ?
  130. PA-12 Door Hinges
  131. ISO source for cable for Pa-12 trim with double pulley
  132. Floor board scuff plates
  133. Dihedral question
  134. PA-12 standard landing gear legs drawings with dimensions
  135. Question about additional horizontal fin
  136. Cargo Net
  137. J5 cub drawings/plans
  138. locating correct elevation points of front spar and rear spar .
  139. PA-12 Centerline Gear Closeout Panels
  140. Aileron woes
  141. Thoughts on building a PA 12 LSA legal ?
  142. “Bungee control cable” question
  143. PA-12 as tailwheel trainer?
  144. O-320 STC change during rebuild..
  145. Finding old records of a PA-12
  146. PA12-150 with Stoddard Mount and Borer Prop. Kosher?
  147. Are PA-12 throttle handles longer than PA-18s?
  148. MIrco VGs- VERSUS- BLR VGs for a PA-12 ??
  149. Play with securing nut on refitting wheels
  150. Which airforms baffle set for pa-12 Kenmore 150?
  151. Pa-12 flying characteristics vs Citabria
  152. Rain stopped for awhile, took the 12 over to Seldovia
  153. Wag Aero told me they are not making 12 tanks for 18 style sight gauges.
  154. Pa-12 project, help needed!!
  155. Javron PA-12
  156. Pa-12 front windshield attachment question
  157. -12 fuselage covering question
  158. Lightweight Oil Cooler and Starter recommendations
  159. Looking to fly a PA -12
  160. 0235-C1 prop flange
  161. Looking for throttle cable PA-12/O320 long mount
  162. Header tank fuel system
  163. Brake question re: heel brakes that don’t “return”
  164. PA-12 Dakota Cub Sight Gauge Install Tips & Tricks for 18 Gal Tanks
  165. PA-12 Tailwheel spring?
  166. Piper PA-12 parts manual PDF
  167. PA-12 jury strut installation.
  168. Looking For Interior Trim Pieces
  169. Pa-12 0-235 prop mount question
  170. Another throttle cable clamp thread ; seeking clarification
  171. Nose Bowl for a 12
  172. Trim vibrating but not slipping
  173. Replacing/Repairing a PA-12 cockpit floor
  174. Drumming underside of right wing
  175. PA12 flaps
  176. What Type of Harness are folks using?
  177. Missing Door Handle
  178. Anyone running a Sensenich Ground Adjustable Prop with an O-235?
  179. Anyone Running a Sensenich Wood 76RM44 or 76RM43 on a Lyc O-235?
  180. PA-12 with PA-18 elevator. Travel stop.
  181. PA-12 Dual required for insurance
  182. Is 82” Mac still the go to prop?
  183. b&c alternator on pa-12 337?
  184. O320 a2d upgrade options to 160hp
  185. PA-12 fuel system diagram for two valve system
  186. PA-12 Weight and Balance
  187. Removal of horizontal stabilizer?
  188. CubCrafters Sliding Window Upgrade Kit
  189. DC PA-22 fuel tanks in PA-12
  190. PMA Tank size
  191. PA-12 Flap Speeds
  192. Atlee Dodge Sight Gauges
  193. Trim indicator cable routing
  194. PA-12 Firewall
  195. Looking for copies of T3 Field Approvals
  196. Shoulder harness question
  197. PA-12 to PA-18 Landing Gear Conversion STC Question
  198. 337 for Vacuum System Removal
  199. my carb is leaking fuel
  200. Aluminum tanks weigh the same as the old steel Tern-Plate tanks
  201. Kenmore Performance Info
  202. PA-12 restoration started
  203. Wing trammel-bay 5 drag wire tension?
  204. My darn carburetor started leaking
  205. O-235-C1 jugs, are they hard to find everywhere or just in Alaska.
  206. Takeoff performance/prop pitch
  207. Leaking Carburetor Cause Discovered.
  208. Belly pod 337’s?
  209. Dakota fuel selector and vent lines