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  13. amphib trip from Central Oregon to Santa Catalina Is in California 12-AUG, need info
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  28. Sealant Suggeations?
  29. New floatplaner suggestions on lightweight beach sand anchors/tiedowns
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  34. Great Sacandaga Lake Beach Breakfast 8/24/13
  35. painting EDO Floats
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  38. Float parking/fuel in Whitehorse
  39. 150 HP vs 180 HP
  40. Propellor options for a Continental O-200
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  42. Very nice PA-18 float landing
  43. What happens when you second guess yourself.
  44. Short PA-11 No Flaps, float landing
  45. Bush Pilots of Northern Manitoba
  46. Ye old cross-over cable, more than it appears.
  47. Straight floats... Southern Maine to chugiak, alaska
  48. Amphib Trip Next month WI to Lake Barkley KY/TN area suggestions? THX
  49. Fishin' & s'ploring the NWT this summer
  50. 29th Annual ALASKA Seaplane Safety Seminar
  51. Tuned exhaust actually seems to work...
  52. Best certified cub for amphibious operations
  53. Edo 2000 on stock pa18 150
  54. Vfe Floatplane vs Landplane
  55. Spam Can almost ready for SES clients...
  56. Edo 1400's going on a 90hp J3/ boxing wires
  57. J3/90hp now on Floats- Weight and Balance anyone?
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  59. Alaskan Sunset Flying on Floats (video)
  60. Pa18 150 amphib ses course
  61. Wire across bow on floats?
  62. Float bottoms driving me nuts
  63. takeoff dolly
  64. Why sloshing compound stinks
  65. Caribou Lake float-flying vid
  66. Cass Lake MN area cub with floats any
  67. Had a last minute cancellation for a float (SES) rating
  68. Aft Bolt on float fittings
  69. Baumann 1500
  70. Floats on grass?
  71. edo 2960s coverted to 2870s
  72. J3 Float Performance In and Out Of Small Ponds
  73. Baumann 2100 paperwork for PA12
  74. Flying Floats
  75. Prop length and pitch
  76. Four J4s
  77. Straight floats to Alaska
  78. what do you clean your floats with?
  79. J-5A converted to J-5C
  80. Northern MN camping (Seaplane)
  81. First Water Landings today!
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  84. Seaplane lifting rings
  85. Looking For Wipline Float Parts
  86. CZAW 2150 amphib floats
  87. 82"Borer on PA12
  88. PA12 to 18 gear
  89. PK3500 B or C?
  90. Whipline 2100 amphibs
  91. Bad day for float plane
  92. Brushing or rolling float lacquer?
  93. A slow day is not a wasted day.....
  94. Rigging compatibility
  95. EDO 2960 installed weight???
  96. It was a bit windy on our local lake
  97. Primer for Float Painting
  98. Cub Tail Tie-Down
  99. Invitation to a talk about economic risk to floatplane pilots and fisheries from elodea
  100. non certified floats on certified plane
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  103. Wipaire Laser Gear Advisory System
  104. Borer rudder centering STCJim
  105. Buying advice for a novice please
  106. Elevator balance cable spring
  107. Sad day for us on floats
  108. PA 18-108 with peekay 1800's
  109. Anyone have experince with AQUA 3190s ?????
  110. Soda blasting floats?
  111. Trying to remove wing-walk and non-skid pads from top of floats.
  112. Pa18 float refuelling step
  113. belly pod on floats
  114. Clearing U.S. Customs by App
  115. Finally used a steam cleaner on the float bottom
  116. Which Super Cub floats?
  117. Stepping on float-hatches poll.
  118. Measuring take off Distance
  119. Dang rudders on 2960s are small.
  120. Glassy water landing PA12
  121. Wading Trousers or Bibs with usable pockets???
  122. job with travel
  123. Pneumatic fitting ID?
  124. Inflatable kayaks: Anyone have experince with them?
  125. Fueling from cans on floats away from home....
  126. Straight floats: SW Maine to So. Maryland cross country
  127. Trying to schedule float flying birthday surprise with non-flying person not fun.
  128. Float Plugs New Design
  129. Mcgrath fuel
  130. Dock/ramp ideas
  131. Anyone used PREKOTE on their floats instead of the alodine process?
  132. Float Plane Picker
  133. Bauman BF1500 Amphibs
  134. Winter in Florida
  135. Amphib Gear Maintenance Question
  136. Lake and Air Gear Advisory System Troubleshooting
  137. Where to find replacement float bumpers?
  138. Rigging Wipline 2100S to Patrol
  139. J3 trailer launch question
  140. NC-4 100 years ago
  141. Composite floats
  142. Overheating 180HP SC on amphib. Experimental
  143. Anyone with experience with PA18/180 on Wip 2100A and Fowler flaps?
  144. Float Dolly
  145. lifting and launching
  146. Bilmar Amphibs
  147. Oil filter on a 180
  148. Piers with pilings
  149. MN Seaplane Operations Foreflight KML Map File
  150. WI Seaplane Operations Foreflight KML Map File
  151. Has anyone here ever flown a RANS S-7 on floats or amphibs?
  152. Top Cub Straight Floats
  153. Market value for Edo 2000's?
  154. Edo 2000 float question
  155. Bolt on float fittings
  156. Changing floats on a Maule
  157. Float recommendations for Pa18-95
  158. PA12 EDO 2000 rigging question
  159. Mystery floats.
  160. Just that close to making it in the hangar
  161. Float damage repair
  162. Float bumpers & Bears--Up North
  163. 180 Skywagon Float Options - Knowledge base
  164. how much paint & primer needed for floats
  165. EDO 1650 on a PA11
  166. Float fittings/ stainless control cables
  167. baby it's wet back there...
  168. Edo 2000 Drawings
  169. Has anyone shipped floats within the last few years?
  170. Considering putting floats on my PA18-150
  171. Getting pa18/Edo2000 onto trailer
  172. Montana floats
  173. Float kit on a new build airplane that might not use floats for a few years?
  174. Moving Floatplanes with Motorized Trailers, Pickers, or Whatnot.
  175. How to think like an amphibious airplane pilot
  176. The AT-802F's are back
  177. Found a cracked spreader bar on a pre-flight
  178. Nose wheel shimmy on amphibs
  179. JJ Frey Passes
  180. Original Super Cruiser struts on Edo 2000.
  181. Edo2000 on Pa18, pulling out of water?
  182. A Fun Trip...........
  183. Yes, I know Australia is the driest continent in the world.
  184. PK vs EDO Strut Material
  185. Aqua 1500 straight floats
  186. transporting amphib floats
  187. Float design for performance - some concepts and experiences
  188. Aqua 2400s and Cessna 175, opinions please
  189. Clamp on vs weld on float fittings
  190. Wide Body Float Fittings.
  191. Electric drill style float pump
  192. Winterizing Aerocet Floats
  193. Failed takeoff video
  194. How much of a job is it to put Whip amphibs on a cub that has never had amphibs before?
  195. Float Strut lengths PA-12 with 18 style gear compared to 18 gear?
  196. Floatplane lift point handles
  197. Float Plane Lift and Dock
  198. Hudson/James Bay bound!
  199. Baumans
  200. Wip 3000/C-185 tail ballast
  201. RV Antifreeze froze in my floats. Does regular A-F hurt aluminum?
  202. EDO 2000 TLC