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  1. Aeromedical Forum...
  2. Keep It Up...Viagra, Cialis and the Like
  3. Color My Super Cub...color blindness
  4. Selecting Your AME...
  5. Thyroid Disorders and the Like
  6. Welcome to Medical Matters@supercub.org!
  7. Your friend has a medical problem? Navigating the Guide for Medical Examiners
  8. Hypertension and Your Medical Certification
  9. New (to you) AME
  10. Do's and Don'ts At Your FAA Medical Examination
  11. Preflighting for Your FAA Medical Examination
  12. Meds - High Blood Pressure & Other Stuff
  13. Post Stent Special Issuance
  14. Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  15. Blood Clots, Deep Vein Thrombosis and Diseases of the Blood
  16. Survival Medicine
  17. Matters of the Heart
  18. Surgery.
  19. The Medical Certificate - the paper it was printed on??
  20. kidney stone
  21. Copd
  22. Correcting past indiscretions
  23. Sleep Apnea, Snoring and All That Noise
  24. A Great Article about Dr. Corfman
  25. AME in Anchorage
  26. cataracts
  27. A friend of a super cub pilot
  28. Low testosterone levels.
  29. Medical Statistics
  30. Prescription for Bushwheel Induced HypoTestosteronism
  31. On Record
  32. Neurologic disorders, Seizures and the Like
  33. AOPA & EAA Propose Expanding Use of Drivers License to Replace Medical
  34. Your Health
  35. Does it really need to be reported?
  36. Hip Replacement
  37. Have you gotten the "letter"?
  38. Tamsulosin
  39. Pre-Diabetes
  40. Stem Cell Joint Therapy...
  41. Pacemaker
  42. Probable Multiple Sclerosis
  43. Blephrospasm
  44. Chest pain
  45. Med Question-- Neurontin and other GABA meds
  46. CFIs do not need Class 2 Medical
  47. Blood Pressure, Birth Control and Sex Drive
  48. Floaters
  49. FAA MedXPress to replace Form 8500-8...Beware!
  50. Tinnitus (ringing in ears)
  51. Medical Matter-Hearing Amplification
  52. Atrial Fibrilaton
  53. Attention AME's/Physicians/Health Care Providers...Reveal Thyself!
  54. Hypertension, Blood Pressure and Other "Manifold Pressure" problems
  55. Alopecia Areata and the pilot
  56. Type 2 Diabetic on Metformin - Special Issuance Possible?
  57. Adhd/add
  58. Dizzy spells
  59. Ptsd
  60. Anonymous Profile for Asking Medical Questions
  61. AOPA / EAA File Medical Exemption Petition
  62. Are Statins Good Or Bad?
  63. Preflighting for the Final Flight
  64. Faa has not yet agreed to exempt third class medical please comment!!!
  65. Cervical fusion
  66. Otitis
  67. Thoughts on Failing the Medical Exam...from the Other Side
  68. "If you failed your medical..." Revisited
  69. MedXPress Superbuddy Program
  70. Macular Degeneration...1/4 mi visibility, fog
  71. Sometimes (Thankfully) Things Are Not What They Seem
  72. MedXPress Pre-flight Physical Preparation
  73. Baked Chicken Efficacy Regarding Pilot Medicals - Blind Trial at New Holstein
  74. Asthma/Inhalers
  75. Flying after Hernia Surgery question
  76. AFib
  77. Selecting an eye doc for corrective surgery?
  78. FAA AOPA/EAA Third Class Exemption Comment Period Extended
  79. Carrying Special Issuance Authorization Letter no longer required
  80. "I had a DUI...how will that affect my medical certification?"
  81. Pilot's Bill of Rights
  82. AOPA Safety Foundation Video
  83. 3 rd class medical
  84. Gout, Asthma and Other Maladies of episodic nature
  85. back surgery
  86. Changing the Gross Weight without an STC by Using Calorie Density Data and Other Info
  87. WindOnHisNose Gets Married
  88. You Have Prostate Cancer and Want to Fly?
  89. Malignant melanoma and the FAA
  90. Posting Comments and New Threads
  91. Hand & Head Tremors
  92. Chinese Prostate Treatment
  93. Coming off Blood Pressure Meds
  94. Lupus?
  95. Just for the Health of Pilots...New Section of FAA.gov
  96. WindOnHisNose announces new MNpilotphysicals.com
  97. Prostate Cancer Status Report
  98. Do you agree with AOPA
  99. Shoulder Surgery and The Likes...D
  100. Cryptogenic Cirrhosis
  101. first class with hearing aid?
  102. Cholesterol and Lipid Abnormalities
  103. Abnormal stress test
  104. Special Issuance pitfall
  105. Special Issuances Relaxed...Your AME, Unleashed
  106. Elimination of Special Issuance...Your AME "Released"?
  107. AME Worksheets for Replacing Special Issuance
  108. Comments for AME Worksheets for Replacing Special Issuance
  109. I See, said the blind man
  110. OTC Sleep Aid Guidance
  111. Melenoma
  112. Body Mass Index...Personal Weight and Balance Problem and Your Medical
  113. Middle Ear Infections
  114. "It Hurts"...Gas pains experienced by a supercubber
  115. Advantage to staying with same AME??
  116. Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism
  117. Past Use of SSRI
  118. Quick Clot Response
  119. Tourniquet Use in Emergent Circumstances
  120. Soft tissue orthopedic injury
  121. More kidney stone questions
  122. Parotid Neoplasm: disclose now or wait until next medical is due
  123. Rls
  124. Restless Leg Syndrome
  125. Autonomic and Small Fiber Neuropathy
  126. AME's Gone Bad...When Your AME Drops the Ball
  127. Not Asleep at the Wheel...Strategies for Wakefulness
  128. Whoa, Boy, Whoa There...Not So Fast With the BMI-Related Deferrals!
  129. Santa and the Medical Matters Team Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas!
  130. One Eyed Wonder
  131. eye surgery
  132. Super Doc in anchorage for physicals
  133. Dr Tilton
  134. Anti smoking drugs and migraines
  135. Beware of AOPA Partnership with Life Line Screening!
  136. Heart (event)
  137. Disqualifying Medical Condition? To Report or Not to Report, That is the Question
  138. Enforcement
  139. Colorado legal pot and piloting
  140. Federal Disability Reporting Requirements
  141. Irregular heart beat
  142. Synopsis for Passing FAA Medical Exams
  143. Skin Cancer question
  144. 50 Shades of Grey...SC.ORG Does Self-Grounding for Medical Reasons
  145. Med question.
  146. The "Throne Room" Concept and FAA Aeromedical: Reflections from a Lowly AME
  147. How Frequently Do I Need Renew My Medical Certificate?
  148. FAA MedXpress...Get the Royal Treatment
  149. BMI and Sleep Apnea...It Hasn't Gone Away
  150. Pearls from my FAA Recertification...Post-Cancer Reporting
  151. Pearls from my FAA Recertification...Answer Direct Questions, Avoid Leading Questions
  152. Pearls from my FAA Recertification...FAA Approach to BMI
  153. Pearls from my FAA Recertification...AME Malpractice Insurance
  154. Hypoxia questions
  155. Our Daily Bread...and Supplements to it!
  156. FAA Vision Standards
  157. cataract surgery
  158. Full Stream Ahead...Flomax is OK with the FAA
  159. The Entire Medical Matters Team Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving!
  160. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  161. Catalys Laser for cataracts?
  162. Body Mass Index Calculator
  163. The Abominable Abdominal Aortic Aneurism
  164. BMI Edict Comes Down From the FAA Mountain
  165. In Praise of Dr. Randy
  166. Arthritic bone spur removal
  167. Lufthansa Co-pilot
  168. Pain relievers
  169. Had Coronary Artery Bypass Graft and Want to Get 3rd Class Medical?
  170. Ptsd
  171. STD Testing and Third Class Medical form
  172. Matters of the Heart Strings
  173. Med Express Question
  174. Too Old to Schedule Flight Physical (formerly New twist)
  175. Pre-Diabetes: So You Have Sugar in Your Urine?
  176. The first medical in ten years
  177. Outer ear infection (swimmer's ear)
  178. Dr. Corfman quick question
  179. Kidney Stones...Ability for AME to Issue Without Special Issuance
  180. 3rd Class Medical with Stents?
  181. Medical marijuana and medical.
  182. Vitrectomy and Cataract Surgery
  183. Will Rabies disqualify a Medical
  184. Eye Floater
  185. Medical After HPV Related Throat Cancer
  186. Change in expiration of Medical Certifucates?
  187. Coarctation of the Aorta in a Child
  188. The First Flight After Tragedy...
  189. Med Express
  190. Light Sport and Special Issuance
  191. Shingles and Eye Involvement
  192. Your Doc Wants to Start a New Medication? BEWARE!
  193. Renial Mass
  194. The EpiPen, Epinephrine and Why You Need Access to Epinephrine
  195. A trip to the Dentist.
  196. Ascending Aorta Aneurism
  197. Looking for an AME who knows Special Issuance
  198. Surrendering Your Medical Certificate?!
  199. Oh, I forgot...Statins May Decrease Alzheimers Disease Risk
  200. Tinnitus
  201. Posterior Vitreous Detachment
  202. Special Issuance - sleep apnea
  203. Does a CFI need a 3rd class medical to instruct after May 1?
  204. BasicMed vs 3rd Class Medical: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  205. Happy Birthday, Randy!
  206. Hernia operation
  207. Afib and Basic Med
  208. AA FO dies inflight.
  209. Aortic Valve Replacement...What Will It Take To Certify?
  210. Long time since last medical.
  211. Does Lyme disease sideline a pilot?
  212. BasicMed Guidelines and Forms
  213. Questions/Interpretations of BasicMed Form 8700-2
  214. Association Between Diet Sodas and Stroke and Dementia
  215. Rev. Randy Preaching the Gospel of Basic Med
  216. Anemia related to Thyroid.
  217. Getting a medical to qualify for new regulations.
  218. DD Form 2992
  219. Sleep Apnea
  220. Latest wrinkle. No big deal, I hope
  221. Color Blindness. Is it a show stopper?
  222. Med Question on occasional Migraines
  223. Curve ball
  224. Simple basic med question
  225. 2015 FAA Aerospace Medical Certification Statistical Handbook
  226. Cardiac Stents Since Last 3rd Class Medical? SI Before BasicMed
  227. Diebetic pee strips
  228. Anticoagulants and/or platelet inhibitor or blood thinners
  229. Xiidra for chronic dry eyes approved by FAA
  230. Always best to listen to your body.
  231. Eyeball Technology
  232. High lead in toxic metal lab results
  233. When Is a Super Cub Not a Super Cub...Challenges of Diversity
  234. MedXpress questions
  235. Can You Hold a BasicMed and FAA Medical Certificate at the Same Time?
  236. March-Colon Cancer Month
  237. A different perspective on BasicMed
  238. Eye damage and 3rd class medical
  239. Can You Hear Me Now? …When I Need a Hearing Aid
  240. Seasonal allergies
  241. Heat Related Illnesses...Things are Heating Up!
  242. A break from posts by SJ: A Torn Retina Journey
  243. Dehydration Impairs Cognitive Performance
  244. Flying after eye surgery
  245. Experiencing a Medically DQ Condition...Can You Go BasicMed?
  246. CACI for Prostate Cancer...A Way for FAA certification Without Need for SI
  247. Sleep apnea and CPAP use
  248. Rash
  249. Basic Med Again!
  250. TURP Prostate Procedure