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  1. FAA Medicals, BasicMed and Spilling Your Guts...
  2. FAAs current view and approval of 3rd class medical with SSRI continued use
  3. Define "Clinically Significant"
  4. Options for Treating Sleep Apnea “On the Road”
  5. Fish Hook Removal
  6. CACI (Conditions Ame's Can Issue) Update
  7. BasicMed Exams @ New Holstein 2019
  8. Making Babies...Advice To Share With Those Who Are Thinking About Building an Aviation Family
  9. Canada and BasicMed
  10. FAA Backlog for Special Issuance: Turning Lemons into Lemonade
  12. Cellcept
  13. Basic Med and Insurance
  14. Basic Med and Second class medical application
  15. Basic Med in Texas
  16. "Why Won't My Doc Do BasicMed?"
  17. Is this how you can loose your basic med or not?
  18. Fatalities Since the Inception of BasicMed by Medical Type
  19. Mexico Approves BasicMed
  20. "Don't Let the Old Man In"...Lessons From Clint Eastwood
  21. First medical
  22. Observations From an AME
  23. Cure your cancer AND your worms...Bonus!!!
  24. Closure of Wounds...ZipStitch Technology
  25. Indiscretion
  26. Open letter to Dr. Randy
  27. Directions for SI following Cardiac Stenting or Coronary Artery Bypass
  28. Corona Virus (COVID-19) For Supercub.org Members
  29. Happy Birthday, Randy!
  30. Whats that feeling in my chest??
  31. Whats that feeling in my chest??
  32. TIA and Shooting the Approach for Your FAA Medical
  33. All documents for SI
  34. BasicMed & Class III Pilot Medical Presentation by Dr. Randy
  35. Watch out for ticks
  36. Age discrimination
  37. Class 2, antihypertensive Lisinopril
  38. Covid-19 Immunizations and the FAA
  39. Basic Med Dr. Visit RENEWAL
  40. Have Supercub, will travel
  41. To Vaccinate Against Covid or Not To Vaccinate: That is the Question...
  42. Opioid use while flying under basic med