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  1. Hey Pilot! I gotta' PEE!
  2. Tunda Telegragh
  3. Some days YOU get the Bear....'n SOME days.....
  4. Don't look at ME.....I'M not touchin' it!!!
  5. A note to an Old Friend
  6. If you EVER do that AGAIN....
  7. "GOOD! We're VFR!!"
  8. From Me to You - All PERSONAL Like
  9. STOP the WORLD!! I wanna' GET OFF!!
  10. A Good Day's Work."
  11. The Smilin' Eskimo - Jerry Garcia? - Fact or Fiction?
  12. "It's DejaVu All Over Again" (*)
  13. "Weren't Nobody SHOOTIN' at Me??!!"
  14. And I Thought the PASSENGERS Were IDIOTS!!
  15. "How I Spent my Summer Vacation"
  16. Chains and Padlocks
  17. "I'm From the F.A.A., and I'm Here to HELP"
  18. In the Beginning.......
  19. Indoor Outhouses; Growth and "Progress"
  20. The Jeremy Newton GCA (Ground Controlled Approach) Revision
  21. What Could POSSIBLY Go Wrong?
  22. To Our New Friends Joining Us After 09/01/2007
  23. Two Grand Ol' Dames of the Skies
  24. The Baron and the Bootlegger
  25. The Last Of the MAGI goes West....
  26. SuperHeroes Only Live in Comic Books
  27. Letting Go
  28. In The Beginning, Part II (The Sequel)
  29. Rosetta Stone: How to Speak "Frog" for Boeing Pilots
  30. Catch Us If You Can
  31. What's Good For the Goose...is Good For the Gander
  32. It Was Okay I Guess (Formerly UNTITLED)
  33. Just Me and an ol' Country boy
  34. If You Just Can't Get ENUFF CloudDancer
  35. "...and You're Snow White!"
  36. Chronicles Artifacts Discovered on East Ramp in FAI
  37. Yew Got'cher ho Ho HO on?!?
  38. Don't MAKE Me Haf'tuh KILL Ya'...