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  1. AlaskaAv memories
  2. AlaskaAv memories two
  3. Photos of very early aircraft/airlines flying Alaska
  4. Early Alaska aviation history
  5. Special favors from flight crews
  6. Airlines working together
  7. Start of my aviation life
  8. Always travel with a friend
  9. Aero surveying, Dahl Creek, PBY
  10. National Guard Sky Crane, PBY sling load
  11. Possable duplicate posting of memories
  12. Man will never fly club
  13. Jade Mountain, Alaska just west of Dahl Creek
  14. Dahl Creek and the area in paridise
  15. Another paridise, Maui, Hawai'i
  16. Soft gravel runway Barrow, Alaska F-27A
  17. Wrong airports Commercial airlines 737 DC-8 727
  18. Life at the Maui Lu Resort on Maui, Hawai'i
  19. Aircraft and aircraft history for old timers
  20. Crosswind 747 landings at Kai Tak airport, Hong Kong
  21. Load shift on takeoff C-46 cargo flight Barrow, Alaska
  22. It's a small world nowdays
  23. Transfer of Boeing 747 SP to Emir of Kuwait
  24. The Bird House, Bird Point, Alaska just south of Anch
  25. Alaska Railroad Talkeetna and Curry area, 1957
  26. Aviation life, Dahl Creek 1966
  27. My relationship with Boeing in the late 60s and 70s.
  28. Max pax load ever carried on 747
  29. Wien Air Alaska route structure
  30. Congress Young helping Alaska aviation
  31. Northern Lights of Alaska
  32. Overbooking and no shows on commercial flights
  33. Alaska size head of cabbage.
  34. Alaska size gold nugget
  35. True stories of Texas and Nebraska
  36. C-130 touches down early
  37. Fire in the bush
  38. Early years at Prudhoe Bay with Wien
  39. Different area of my life after aviation. Truck driver
  40. Early years driving big rigs
  41. Iditrod Air Force of Alaska
  42. Commercial airlines safer than crossing railroad tracks
  43. Charcoal cooking on the road in a Big Rig
  44. Riding back seat in a Cherokee 6
  45. Hudson Air Service, Talkeetna, Alaska
  46. American Airlines court cases, lost Airbus
  47. Alaska Glacier Ice for a political convention
  48. Another day in paradise, Maui and the Maui Lu Resort
  49. Subsistence hunting
  50. Mutual respect between strangers in early Alaska/Canada and
  51. Sharing my thoughts with the media
  52. Enjoyable time in the Army in 1960. Impossible?
  53. Additional memories of my Army life
  54. Building an Interstate highway and having fun doing it
  55. Contact, Air Force Jet and Army Tank, the tank won
  56. Cockpit video recorders in GA aircraft
  57. Free airline transportation in the old days
  58. Ancient history of Alaska
  59. Moving stories from early posts
  60. Alaska size hamburger, BIG
  61. (moved) Just bad luck everywhere, Connie
  62. (moved) Early Wien Air Alaska Stories
  63. The end of an Alaska workhorse, C-46 4860V
  64. (moved) Captain's joke on maintenance Dept, Wien DC-3
  65. (moved) Inflight fire, Wien C-185, Dahl Creek
  66. (moved) Stupid student pilot and still alive today --Me
  67. (moved) Mechanical errors, Wien F-27A s
  68. Flying the Arctic Coast as told by a Wien Captain
  69. (moved) My first flight in a Beaver
  70. (moved) A lost R4D 6 on the ice of the Arctic Ocean forever
  71. (moved) Loss of a very good friend, a true Alaska bush pilot
  72. (moved) DC-8 BBQ flight, Anchorage, AK
  73. (moved) Evac of Galena, AK due to flood from an ice jam
  74. 747s to the boneyard?
  75. (moved)Never trust a weather obsr, except myself of course
  76. (moved)Sleep tonight, security is on guard
  77. Emergency pass request from our Cook, Prudhoe Bay, AK
  78. Living in the bush working for a commercial airline
  79. Alaska size watermelon, 64.8 pounds
  80. Duct tape to patch holes?
  81. In the oil patch of Alaska, when chips were down, call Ernie
  82. VFR flying during 24 hour nights, Northern AK
  83. (moved)Missing air cargo out of Chicago to Anchorage
  84. (moved)Airline teamwork insures ontime departures
  85. (moved)Lost VFR flight Anchorage/Mt. McKinley, CAVU weather
  86. Am I really this stupid? Winter Umiat, Alaska
  87. (moved) Very early bush flight, Nome to Fairbanks
  88. Demo PC-6 Porter Alaska Governor Don't try this at home
  89. Bush storys from Capt Millard, a retired Wien Captain
  90. One reason I like Hawai'i so much
  91. (moved)My first landing, 737, Prudhoe Bay, AK, right seat
  92. History of the DEW Line Radar system, Alaska and Canada
  93. Unbelivable derogitory reply about a post, the DEW line
  94. (moved) Questionable CG DC-4 Fairbanks, Ak 1960s
  95. Not aviation related but part of my Hawai'i fun while in Ak
  96. Replacement for the Super Cub? Impossible
  97. Congrats FAI on the opening of Aviator's Steak House
  98. GPS satellites and locations, Great for children and adults
  99. I screwed up again ref post below.
  100. Nikiski grows a 707 pound pumpkin
  101. Unarmed GA aircraft unsafe but fully armed AF aircraft are?
  102. Need your thoughts about something I want to try
  103. Time to get the floats off in Fairbanks?
  104. Program works to keep bush pilots flying
  105. (moved)Another outstanding airline team, King Salmon, Alaska
  106. (moved)Maintenance oversight 737, Barrow, Ak
  107. (moved)DC-10/Chiefton incursion at Anchorage Intl
  108. (moved)Hazardous material via air, 737 or PA-18s
  109. Our TSA tax dollars at work again
  110. (moved)Cuba destination, Wien 737 Anchorage, Alaska
  111. To Fish or Not to Fish in Alaska, that's the question
  112. To honor women via an 1880 newspaper article from St Louis
  113. Iditarod Air Force support for dog sled race in Alaska
  114. Live video cams around Alaska
  115. What happened to it's fun to fly commercial aviation
  116. Bird strikes, big iron, helicopters and GA aircraft photos
  117. Forth safe landing by a Cirrus SR22 via parachute
  118. (moved) Private C-133 cargo aircraft for the bush of Alaska
  119. (moved)The Board Room, but not Trump's and no one got fired
  120. Almost out of water at my hotel at Prudhoe Bay, what to do?
  121. Outstanding photos of Alaska by Pat Costello from Juneau, AK
  122. Checking of oil and fuel levels on an aircraft
  123. EAA warns about fake telephone survey
  124. Jet Ranger stubs toe on speed limit sign, Prudhoe Bay 1970s
  125. (moved)707 and fantastic flight crew anything can happen
  126. Mayor Daley's destruction of Meigs airport at midnight.
  127. Park it, tie down and get repair work done on myself
  128. Threading the needle with a 747-100
  129. Alaska history, especially early aviation.
  130. Working the Arctic in unbelievable temps, the job gets done
  131. (moved/edited)Employees can make or break an airline (AS)
  132. Half Million dollar TSA award party. Who pays?
  133. Pan Am hanger talk (update)
  134. Need PA-18 and J-3 info
  135. Bush Pilot syndrome news item updated
  136. Could this be called moose fishing in Alaska?
  137. (moved and edited)Very strange feeling on takeoff in a 737
  138. Quick, hide this from the TSA before they get ideas ;)
  139. (moved and edited)Early hours of training in J-3, Nebraska
  140. Bird strike, 737, Ketchikan, AK
  141. Wind storm at Nome, Alaska
  142. Happy 75th Birthday 99s
  143. Loss of a Cessna 310 on Maui Oct 17, 04
  144. Discovery Wings channel special on the L-4
  145. US Rep Don Young receives AOPA award.
  146. Things people do not want to see and hear inflight
  147. Interesting situations while driving long haul big rigs.
  148. Job offer, State of Alaska, airport security
  149. Strange what government contracts allow with no cks and bal
  150. Stories behind the photos in the gallery and calendar
  151. Want an airport in your back yard when you retire?
  152. Even an airline station manager can get to a pilot at times
  153. Advice from the best, Will Rogers in the 1930s
  154. Living/building in the bush, Dahl Creek, in the mid 60s.
  155. Off loading a C-46 in the bush of Alaska at Dahl Creek, 1966
  156. New aero car concept? Check the photos
  157. How Dahl Creek became a town in 1967 instead of just airport
  158. Math of Life
  159. Outstanding Cub photos in Alaska
  160. Separating bride and groom on honeymoon, Anchorage, Ak 1970s
  161. (moved/edited) Mechanical problems 737s on Arctic coast
  162. Malfunction of GPS out of Kotzebue, Ak to God's Back Yard?
  163. More history of old birds that flew the Alaska Skies
  164. Flight plan assistance
  165. (moved and edited) Lost baggage, Alaska
  166. How media and special interests can change facts
  167. Interview about Winter Texans, who spend winters in Texas
  168. Alaska receives second award
  169. Merry Christmas
  170. Ernie Aufenkamp (Alaskaav)
  171. First timer, quick question/poll of the crowd
  172. Synthetic View Denali
  173. On the Denali Hwy
  174. Citabria GCBC 115HP?
  175. Karluk Lake Memories