2023 Super Cub Calendar Photo Submission Form

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I understand that if my photo is selected I will receive no compensation of any form from SuperCub.Org for its use. I hereby give SuperCub.Org the right to use this photo in the production of the following items.

The 2023 SuperCub.Org Super Cub Calendar
The 2021 SuperCub.Org Super Cub Screen Saver and/or Image Archive
The 2021 "Destination SuperCub" Book, if we decide to print one this year.
Materials used to Promote SuperCub.Org (emails and webpages largely).

Please type "I agree" in the box to confirm that all statements above are true and accurate.

Upload Your Photo Here

Your photograph should be a high resolution LANDSCAPE ORIENTED photo of .jpg file type. Each year many photos are rejected simply because they are not high enough resolution to print. HOWEVER THERE IS A SIZE LIMIT! FILES WILL NEED TO BE REDUCED TO UNDER 25MB FOR THIS UPLOAD TO WORK. We will request Higher resolution as needed.

(for multiple files you must hit the back button and update the information)

If you are having trouble with the upload system, please contact us here