Do you have a product that is related to, or of interest to our members and guests? Why not consider supporting SuperCub.Org as a part your advertising budget? SuperCub.Org reaches a wide variety of pilots who are interested in not only Supercubs, PA-12's, and certificated and experimental variants, but also a great number of other airplanes used in bush operations and the pursuit of back country flying - as well as all the other tools that go along with them.

SuperCub.Org is a highly targeted audience of people who fly and buy with enthusiasm. Take advantange of a banner or other advertisement and promote your products in an econmical, yet focused manner.

SuperCub.Org offers five areas for banner ad exposure:

Additionally, you can take advantage of special offers to our "members only" area to help us support and promote with your products.

Monthly Traffic Sources

SuperCub.Org receives approximately 95,000 unique visitors per month on our home page. Our popular forums have received even more traffic. We have over 13,000 registered users, and nearly ten times as many "lurkers" that read and enjoy our forums. It is a highly targeted audience.

Banner Sizes

All random and fixed banners are CURRENTLY 710 X 60 pixels in either .jpg or .gif formats: (example above)
Submitted banners should be no more than 50K in size, and have no more than four pages of animation.

Who Can Advertise?

Supercub.Org reserves the right to refuse advertising from companies that we feel do not offers services that are aligned with our site mission. We may choose to accept advertising from companies that offer compatible products for the kinds of lifestyles and missions our members enjoy. For example, survival equipment, camping gear, folding boats, safety devices, specialized flight training, aircarft sales, lodging, etc, may fit well on our site.

Discussion of Your Products and the Censorship Policy at Supercub.Org

It is important that you be aware before advertising that the heart of Supercub.Org lies in the active discussion of many things relating to supercubs and bush flying. We do not censor the open and frank discussion of products, even if those companies advertise with us. Advertisers are free to engage in the discussions about their products, post product announcments when they are applicable to the mission of the site, and become a part of the community. Blatant over posting of advertising in the forums will be frowned upon and may be deleted.

If a post strays well beyond the relm of good taste, it may be moved to our "rant and rave" area. This area is open to the public, but one must subscribe to it. Normally, the discussion of products does not fall into this category.

For More Information on advertising on SuperCub.Org, or to inquire about discounts for longer term contracts, please contact:

Steve Johnson
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Call: 816-200-CUBS (2827)