About SuperCub.Org

SuperCub.Org was founded in 2000 by Steve Johnson. Steve and his wife, Laura continue to manage the day to day operations of the website. Steve and Laura are both tailwheel aircraft pilots and fly as often as the weather and time allows. As SuperCub.Org grew many very valuable members have contributed to the sucess of the website with their expertise and knowledge of flying and maintaining these airplanes.Planes Parked

The website was developed to give back country pilots an opportunity to share their countless adventures. SuperCub.Org celebrates these iconic aircraft that are still flying many years after Mr. Piper started manufacturing them in the late 1940's. The forums prove to be a wealth of knowledge from experienced pilots who understand the maintenance and care of these great tube and fabric aircraft. In addition to the expert advice and information of the technical aspects of flying these aircraft, the forums give a place to inspire and share stores of the amazing travel in these simple yet durable airplanes.
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The site has built a community throughout the world with the common bond of the love of flight. It is not even necessary to own a Super Cub to share in the community, although we have found folks that don't own one will eventually just to experience the joy of flying a Super Cub.

Enjoy the community and thank you for taking the time to stop by the SuperCub.Org store!

Steve and Laura Johnson