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Thread: Francis Einarson - A legend has passed

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    Francis Einarson - A legend has passed

    Francis Einarson of International Falls, MN - One of the "old-timers" and pioneers in Minnesota Aviation has passed us on at 91 years old.
    He wasn't on and didn't know how to run a computer but he would have learned if he could have talked to most of you on this site.!/PhotosVideos

    Proud to call this man my grandpa.
    Thanks C130jake, Cubus Maximus thanked for this post

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    He is one of the great northern legends! (so many stories!) May God bless him, his family and his legacy!

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    40k hours! Thats long was he able to keep flying?

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    Flying corporate out of Kenora, Canada (CYQK) back to Texas I would always stop at KINL to clear customs. I talked to Mr. Einarson numerous times, as he had a Cub in the hangar next to the FBO (Einarson Flying Service). He was a wealth of information. I haven't been thru there in 3 years, but I believe he had offspring working at the FBO. They would always load me up with Canadian jams and jellys. Gave me a hat and T shirt. Also had frozen walleye for sale.

    If he built that FBO, he left a great legacy. May he RIP.

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