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Thread: Tough on hanger roofs, new calves, and everything else

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    Tough on hanger roofs, new calves, and everything else

    Just about the toughest winter for me in MN that I can remember. Cold and snow both. 70" snowfall measured at my place since deer season and a month of winter remains. Over 30 days of below zero with the lowest temp -47F. I LMAO watching Alaska's climate by comparison and the Iditarod hoping to scratch out enough snow to make the annual pilgrimage to Nome. This storm headed right for me. Heaven help the early calves, pheasants, deer and antelope. Just a ball buster spooling up for the next two days.

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    Thank a sheepdog today for they are standing guard!
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    I feel for you. It's been a wild March here in SE WA, too. Usually we have spring pasture showing up even on high ground this time of year. A rancher friend had 5 feet last week before the drifts started forming. He's using a cat tractor just to make a path to feed the cows.

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    Friend of mine just told me that a shed where he keeps his snowmobile, boat, camper and the wings of his L3 defender project collapsed today and destroyed everything. He is going to have to wait till spring to clean up and assess the damage. Tomorrow’s impending storm has everyone that can shoveling and scraping the deepest snow off their roofs. Will be more roofs collapsing with the next system. The news just reported no school the next few days for Dilworth Glyndon Felton as the impending potential snow load is threatening to collapse the roof. Now that is a first. Crazy Winter hopefully over soon. Rod
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