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Thread: Garmin GTR 225

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    Garmin GTR 225

    I have to get a new radio. Has anyone used a Garmin GTR 225 Intercom and was it worth a crap?

    Thank you in advance.

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    I've installed a couple and the customers like them.

    Are you asking about the radio side or the intercom side?

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    I've been very pleased with mine and I do use the built in intercom.

    Very Blessed.
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    Very happy with the reception quality and range of mine. I use a separate intercom.
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    I had the GTR200 in an experimental and the auto-intercom was excellent. Buy it again in a heartbeat.

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    I have the GTR radio and use the intercom. Works excellent, with door closed or open.

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    We are using the GTR-200 in open cockpits (Cubs, Stearman, Great Lakes) and using its internal intercom. Even in the Stearman we can talk without changing squelch with power settings. Best open cockpit intercom I have yet used.

    I assume the 225 is the same; just TSO?

    I installed intercom PTT switches, but will not do so on my personal Cub, since I never use them. A couple Stearman partners have inferior headsets, so they go to 100% squelch and use the buttons to talk.

    There are two downsides to the GTR - one is that it is power hungry. It sucks a 12 volt battery dry in half the time my SL-40+ PM 501 + Garmin 496 does. Batteries go back and forth.

    And the other downside is the RF squelch circuitry. We have them all set at max, and local emitters drive us nuts! That won't be true if you operate in the country - ours pick up used car dealership intercoms and simultaneous transmissions on two ATC frequencies with difference equal to our north tower frequency. Garmin says they are looking into it, but so far nada.

    Still, it is the best comm I have ever used; its display and memory circuit is light years ahead of the SL-40, and again - the best open cockpit intercom I have ever enjoyed. Installation is trivial if you know how to connect shields and have a crimper.

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    I have a engineer friend at the big G and sent him this.

    Saw this in Aviation Consumer am I reading it correct, you can take a aera660 and feed frequency to the GTR200??

    He responded:

    Yep, the Aera 660 can push frequencies to the GTR 200 when the RS-232 connection is wired between the two. Are we going to do some updates in your sportsman ??

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