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Thread: finding "new posts"

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    finding "new posts"

    I generally check this website every day--
    usually in the morning so if I read something funny I have an opportunity to snort coffee out my nose.
    I click the "since last visit" link.
    Unfortunately if I happen to google something later in the day and click on a result from,
    that resets the "since last visit" trigger.
    I have missed seeing some posts due to this.
    I also visit the backcountrypilot site about every day.
    They have a "view new posts" button that leads you to a continuous list of threads, and does not reset.
    So besides not missing any posts,
    I can easily scroll down to a thread from yesterday or last week or whenever that I want to review--
    instead of trying to remember which of the many forums that thread was on.
    SJ, is there any way to incorporate a similar "new posts" or "recent posts" button that doesn't reset every visit?
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    The home page always has the latest posts
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    That's how I do it, go to home page in a browser, I dont use the app, shows the last 20 or so posts from the entire website, you wont see all new posts, open each section for that.
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