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Thread: Experimental Shock Options and Reviews

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    Larry Vetterman asked me to share a few photos and ideas for your consideration.......

    This is his second Javron Cub and he is getting close to completion.
    After a long winter away I’m getting back in the groove. Fuselage is now at the airport. One wing is in the paint booth. Then the other wing will get cover and primer and paint. Then it all goes together.

    Here is a $95.00 Tempress deluxe boat seat that Clint found and is using so I figured I would try it. Very comfortable, made in the USA. I installed one in my white cub and tested it before I committed to use them in my new one.

    Bill, I have no idea how to post pictures etc on, so feel free to pass this information along, as well as the first pictures I sent.

    Here is a simple set of form blocks I made to make the end ribs on the covers. They are made from 6061T6 by .035 thick. The big cover is .025 2024T3. The top rib is screwed onto the shock frame and the bottom one floats on the shaft via a 1/4 inch uhmw block. Simple to make and maintain. Larry v.

    Larry says.....I hope this helps.....

    Very Blessed.
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    looking at that seat makes me want to sit in it, looks good.
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    There are a few boat seats that are not bad weight wise while utilizing firm enough foam so one does not bottom out. I like that.

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