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Thread: What tech/mods/equip are you using to keep a PA-18-95 lightweight?

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    What tech/mods/equip are you using to keep a PA-18-95 lightweight?

    Hi All,

    What type of technology, modifications and equipment is everyone using to keep a PA-18-95 light weight?
    Suspension, starter, alternator, battery, fuel tanks, interior materials, etc?

    This thread is for full electric PA-18-95.
    Thank you.

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    Just don't put stuff on it! That's the easiest way.

    The -95 was originally built with no electrical and one fuel tank. Anything added to it will increase the weight. Period.

    If you insist on adding something, use the lightest version of it and deal with the 'inconveniences'. Don't install interior panels except to cover cables and fuel lines. If you use a starter, look at the lightest weight ones like Sky Tec. You don't need a battery if you use an external power plug for starting. Plug in, start, pull the plug and fly. Use a hand held radio and you won't need a ships battery. If you do go with panel mounted com and intercom, power them with a small, rechargeable battery that gets topped off between flights. If you do go with a charging system, use something like the B&C, SD-8. That's the smallest unit I know of. EarthX makes about the lightest full power battery. ANY lights need to be LED only! They are the lightest weight lights and use the smallest wires to power them.

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