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Thread: Odyssey Battery Woes

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    I remember being a motorhead teenager. We'd diagnose battery issues by jumping the engine. If it would run with the battery disconected the charge system was okay. If it wouldn't jump start with the battery connected and connecting the battery killed a running engine? The battery was bad. The magic behind it wasn't a concern. Making it run was.

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    I've been working on things with motors for myself and others for over 50 years. Most folks replace the battery or starter when things don't work. But in my experience over the years 80% or most times things fail to turn over it is just corrosion or a loose conection.

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    I'm not sure how several streams of conversation about Earth-X ended up on this thread? The first of them was a reply from me to context from a different thread. It would have arrived here on this thread after I hit "reply with quote" on the other.
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    My early, non aviation specific, Earth X is still working great but now it's in my ATV. When the new generation ones for planes came out I decided they were worth upgrading to, even though the first one worked great, winter and summer, one deciding reason was my ATV needed a battery! My 12 year old Oddysey is also still working fine, but is not in a plane, but is used for other small tasks that require a portable source of 12 VDC.
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