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Thread: Fueling from cans on floats away from home....

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    Fueling from cans on floats away from home....

    Normally when the plane (a Supercub) is at my dock refueling is done with a modified stepladder that is placed on either float. It is, however, too big to take along especially when carrying a passenger, so the ladder stays at home. This means that if I have to refuel (from cans) elsewhere I have to climb up (carefully) on the wing and refuel. Somebody told me ”no you shouldn’t be climbing on the plane you’ll break the plane blah blah...
    IMO that’s the only way to refuel from cans away from home. Does anyone have a better idea?
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    Atlee Dodge fueling steps, long step on right, short on left. I’ve fueled from cans many times with these. I hate getting up on wing, damage isn’t inevitable, but it’s likely. That’s why you see so many wrinkled boot cowls on cubs, or used to.

    Steps work, still a PITA, but better.

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    If you actually are climbing up on a Cub wing, I suspect you'd reconsider if you ever built a wing. The individual parts are kind of fragile. You'll eventually bend or break something important and expensive.

    I second Mike's suggestion of the Dodge steps. You can check them out on their web site. The are also a number of threads in this forum discussing steps. A foot-peg step on the front strut in addition to the longer angle-aluminum steps help spread out your stance, making it a bit less awkward lifting the cans up to the wing.

    I have the Dodge lifting straps and thread a knotted cord through the strap's hole as an aid to stepping up and hanging on while fueling with cans. Remove it when you're done fueling.

    I'll also mention my mantra about fueling with a supported funnel. Search for past threads. Anything that comes out of a can/jug has to go through a Mr. Funnel or chamois lined funnel before it goes in my plane. A supported funnel puts the weight on the tank cover and not the tank filler neck. Plus you can just set the can on the funnel and not have to hold it up over the tank.

    I used to be able to fuel with 6 gallon cans,...20 years ago. I can still manage 5 gallon cans, but wish I could find decent cans of about 3 gallon capacity. The smaller cans might also be able to fit in float lockers. I've got a heavy duty boot cowl, and have occasionally set the fuel jug there on a towel before lifting on up to the funnel. Different kinds of fuel jugs have different kinds of handles. Some work better than others for lifting up and fueling.

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    I own 9 or 10 of these Scepter 2.5 gal cans, they hold 3.2 gals and don't leak. They come up on eBay sometimes.

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    I have a Dodge long step on the right and short step on the left of my gear. When I need to refuel using cans I set them on top of the wing and use a siphon jiggle hose (8 bucks) to get the fuel in the tank. No spill, not mess!! Bushwheel bag with spout and on off valve is even easier.
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    Depending on the type of floats, but they make steps that extend beyond the front of the N strut.

    Mandatory in my book.

    Edo also had a short step that gets put onto the left side where you don't need enter/exit step. But having a step forward and behind the front leg of the n strut gives you a place for BOTH feet that is not on the lift struts.
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    Aerocet has good steps that extend infront of the front strut. 4 20 litre jugs go in each side of the floats and its a non issue to refuel in a few minutes with a funnel.

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