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Thread: Best helmet for backcountry

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    Another possibility would be any good football helmet and a Clarity Aloft earbud set. Top of the line protection and top of the line audio. It’s not how I am going, but it was a strong thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stewartb View Post
    ANR only cancels low frequencies. A full coverage helmet is the best thing I know for blocking highs.
    ANR cancels the full spectrum. We just notice the difference in low more.

    As to impact protection, I suspect that the new air bag belts might be a better investment in a Cub.

    Best of all, donít hit anything you donít intend to. As Bill Brine pointed out, a poorly designed helmet or one designed for a different impact scenario might actually be worse not better than a headset.

    In my experience, helmets CAN BE more comfortable on very long flights than headsets IF theyíre REALLY well fitted. But most folks arenít sitting in a Cub for seven hours in a day, most days. I have, wearing a good aviation helmet.

    i never crashed wearing a helmet, so canít attest to use in a crash, but the one incident I was in, I was very glad I was not wearing a helmet, there was a lot of forces going on, with body parts being flailed. Great shoulder belts saved the day there. A helmet would have added mass to my head, and my wife says thatís dense enough without the helmet. But that wasnít a Cub.

    Which is one of the issuesóthere are literally thousands of variables in these kinds of events. Trying to predict those is tough.

    If you have the discipline to actually WEAR a good helmet in hot summer weather, a GOOD helmet MAY help protect your noodle in an ugly event. Iíve worn em because I was required to, but Iíve seen a lot of them riding around in baggage compartments too.

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    There's lots of info about ANR on the internet. Here's one of the easier to read articles. The scientific papers say the same thing but are very dry reading.

    "Mostly, ANR attenuates frequencies in the lower spectrum, from about 20 Hz to around 300 Hz, with peak reduction at 70-150 Hz. Studies have shown that peak noise levels generated by the propeller, engine and exhaust all combine around the 100 Hz point—precisely the area that ANR attenuates best. Higher-frequency noise is caused mostly by air flowing over the cockpit and fuselage. Most ANR headsets don’t attenuate high frequencies. Because each airplane’s noise signature is different, a headset that’s right for one aircraft owner isn’t necessarily right for another."

    Here’s a marketing-based article that offers some interesting insight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob View Post
    Since a helmet is something people wear, 'best' can seem very subjective. After all, no two heads are shaped alike, and no two people seem to have the same tolerance for weight, heat, cost, ad nauseam...

    Having said all that, it would be very easy to substantiate MSA Gallet flight helmets as the absolute best flight helmet you can buy, for cub like and fling wing aircraft. But again, whether you can justify the cost, or whether they feel the most comfortable to you, is a choice you will have to make.

    I am in a fortunate enough place to go through an average of one a year, and routinely try to find a better one. While I have varied the comms installed, I routinely end up with another Gallet.

    A good 'bang for the buck' alternative IMHO are the Peltor helmets. Cost wise, they are on par with the 'pop your headset in the bicycle style hat' that seem to be so popular now days, but unlike those, they are a real helmet.

    Take care, Rob

    And one last thought... while I burn through well over 1000 hrs a year in a flight helmet, none of it is in my cub or 180... YMMV
    Many thanks for your post. Have a nice day !

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    Has anyone used Praetor helmets? Any PIREPS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amoxness View Post
    Has anyone used Praetor helmets? Any PIREPS?
    In fact, I purchased one about 6 months ago. The fit is perfect and so far I really like it. The only thing that I didnít like was the quick attach on the chin strap, got one off Amazon fairly cheap and easy to swap out.

    So far, using it every flight in my S7
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