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Thread: Therapy Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdafoe View Post
    Sounds like a great idea. Pictures we need pictures.
    This is part of a roller set for 7/8 tube mounted on my older mill.

    The rollers are machined out of HDPE bar.
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    Very interesting thanks

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    Fuselage weight so far and jack screw bracket

    I ran out of materials for a while, so, being curious, I decided to weigh the fuselage as it is right now.


    After I weighed, I noticed that the scale read about 3 pounds heavy with no load. I took it to be 97 pounds in reality.


    I tested that weight two other ways: one using my so-called balance beam approach where you balance the object, and then move the fulcrum a known distance and add weight on one of the arms to calculate weight on the balance point. That method produced 96.8. The other method was simply a two-point weighing with a digital fish scale, yielding 96.5 pounds.

    So 97 pounds is a fair guestimate. Frankly, I was surprised because the fuselage is almost a foot longer than a PA 18, and I used some .028 stiffing tubes in the tail sections of the fuselage. I was bracing myself for something heavier. This weight includes the turtledeck arches and the superstructure formers, but no tabs to speak of and no channel for doors, etc.

    Then my UPS delivery came. I spent some time pondering how to make the jackscrew bracket assembly. The plans simply said to buy it, but I had trouble finding it online. So I went with trying to fabricate it. I couldn't have even begun without Northland drawings and Christian Sturm's drawing website.





    Jigging the assembly





    I've got some tweaking to do, but I was surprised how it went together after scratching my head over this for days.
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