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Thread: You gotta be kidding me. India strikes again

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    You gotta be kidding me. India strikes again

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    That controller was over tasked! Mumbai is the most congested radio frequencies I've ever experienced....the Indians talk fast...and the quality of transmissions is scratchy....its a non-stop tension filled experience. All three of those at once is fatiguing to the crew.....I tried to envision the radar room where ATC resides based on what I experienced 10 years ago...dark, hot, smoke filled, wife beater t-shirts, filled with tension, sweat rolling off the brow at the end of a 12 hour shift.

    At times, the ATC environment is not supportive of a PIC's mandate to be in charge of the safety of flight. The PIC has to step up and call the shots. He's non-compliant with the FARS if he does not. At that point ATC becomes Air Traffic Coordinators, and the emergency PIC becomes king. Declare May Day once, let ATC know the plan, and let ATC coordinate the rest. Turning towards the alternated of HYD without ATC's approval is appropriate and will get the attention needed. Aviate, Navigate, then communicate to the overtasked controller the game plan. It is no longer a time for requests. B-787, or PA-18. No need to sweat ATC's ignorance. He'll clear others out of the way.

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