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Thread: Kitlog? Avialoft?

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    Kitlog? Avialoft?

    My Mac doesn't appear to play well with Kitlog. I could use my Windows machine but that's not the easiest path. The Avialoft app on my iPad would be more convenient but may be less detailed. Anyone here have experience with either, or better yet, both? Likes? Dislikes? Comments and pireps will be appreciated.

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    I was using Kitlog in a Sonex build and liked the way it worked. The uploading to a website was also a plus. Then when my data backup failed the support was poor after 3 phone calls and many emails over weeks I did get a reply that they could send me my raw pics and data from the website. But I would have to rebuild my log from the start. Days ago I asked them to send it still have not seen anything. The price was right and as I said it worked fine but if you need any support your on your own.
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