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Thread: What happend here?? For the Airline group

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    What happend here?? For the Airline group

    A340 Quad Jet Airbus left MPL MN last night at 8PM made it into Ontario by Thunder Bay then turned back around to MPL and lost 24600 feet in 16 minutes, it flew over the top of my farm at about 10:01 PM and was just at 200 knots and 5900 feet. My field elevation here is 1320 feet. My dog went ape so I looked at flight aware to see what it was. It appears to have dumped fuel while circling,, my buddy went to live audio stream for approach and twr at MPL and said they rolled fire rescue and that the captain asked the fire rescue to follow them all the way to the gate... Plane was headed to Paris with 8 plus hour leg,, max TO weight of Quad jut 606000 max ldg weight is 398000. Full fuel is 41000 gallons,,, They flew entire way to MPL at low altitiude. What you think happend??

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    Pressurization? Engine failure? Hydraulic failure? Low altitude/higher fuel burn and dumping fuel to get to landing weight quicker. Hard telling not knowing.

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    Sounds like cabin pressure loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanook View Post
    Sounds like cabin pressure loss.
    This was my first thought. Could be any number of things though. Maybe it was an unruly passenger .
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    Minneapolis St Paul International airport is MSP, not MPL.

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    It takes a long time to dump gas and get back down to landing weight in an A340. He was circling to dump and return. Other guys are spot on with mechanical though they don't usually roll trucks for pressurization. I would guess hydraulics or engine issue. If you were a real nerd you could go to and look up that time and center freq and tag it here. I hear it all day at work so I will pass.....
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