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Thread: D&E wings....opinions please

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    D&E wings....opinions please

    I'm in the planning phase of an experimental cub build. There's a partially built D&E wing kit available locally. It's the Riblett design wing (I don't know if it's the 63" or 66" cord) and the kit dates back about 15 years to when Ernie was still the owner of the company.

    Does anybody here have any experience or knowledge with/about this wing? Performance characteristics vs other non slotted cub wings? Pros/cons?

    This wing is 1.5 inches thicker so requires some modification to birdcage fabrication. Also, windshield fit will be different. Any input on that would also be helpful.

    Thanks for any input you might have.

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    I am not sure if you are the same person but I replied to your email. Here is a convenience link for more information:

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    Also, let me save you some bucks and frustration, the Riblett has proven to be less effective for STOL, also you don't get all the benefits of cruise performance as most say it does, the drag on a cub type airplane is high enough to mitigate the <~3% overall improvements the airfoil can offer.

    Want to make a performer cub, keep it light... for STOL, make it fast? do like X-Cub and hide the wires... and/or loose a wing strut! and place faring's everywhere and forget about ABW! that will slow you down, a bit!
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