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Thread: 1977 Cessna 185F Tailwheel Lock photo

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    Wanna remove a factory-glued tailwheel head?

    1 prepare some kind of lever with which to rotate the head

    2 heat the head with a heat gun while applying some force to rotate the head. Remove heat as soon as head moves and keep rotating and slide head off.

    3 if not able to initiate head sliding off tailspring after getting some rotation, apply penetrant and allow to cool, then repeat step2. The cooling may allow better penetrant penetration.

    The term "stinger" is used in the parts book to identify the tailcone with the nav light in it FYI, though commonly used to describe the tailspring. ...just sayin'

    hope this helps. D
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    Thanks guys. Yes it does Dave, all part of the educational process.
    I'll take some pic's when back to the aeroplane next.

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