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Thread: Hanger door

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    Quote Originally Posted by N86250 View Post
    I have noticed some bifold doors have a hinged bar with a roller on each side. The bar drops as the door opens and is restrained by a chain. This supports the mid-hinge of the door and allows the door bottom to be pulled up higher, what looks to be an extra foot or so. Can this be done as an add on to get some extra height in the opening of an existing door? This video was the only picture I could find and it doesn't really show how the lift goes higher with the arms. jrh
    I have one of these doors and quite frankly quite disappointed compared to the other brand, I see the logic with the hanging arms, it creates a secondary wedge and the 'main' rollers leave the column. My door was designed for 14' clearance, but there is mechanical interference at 13'6" between the internal braces on the top / bottom halves of the door. I burnt a motor out discovering this, and had the pleasure of removing a motor in the fully up position.

    I prefer the bifold over hydraulic - way less risk of damaging a parked vehicle outside, you still get a nice shade awning. I prefer using 36" as the smallest wedge, beyond that I see too much distortion in the doors (especially if you have a man-door one side). So if you want 15' clearance, order a 18' door with a 36" wedge.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I now have the hanger 90% finished and thought I would share a few pics the door works great and I used clear on the top to let the sun light in. Works great.!!!
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    How much insulation do you have in the door? It looks like there isn't any insulation where the steel structure is.

    Quote Originally Posted by Barnstormer View Post
    I've got three higher power doors on my hangar, 45', 55', and 75'. Totally self supporting as in zero load on the hangar. Super pleased. When I build my hangar in Alaska next year it will get a higher power door. They are the best hands down. FYI they can build them up to 150'.

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    Just an FYI, I'm still planning on going with the Higher Power if I can ever decide on the hangar plans. My last conversation with them revealed that 70' is a magic number for them. Above that and he engineering changes and pushes the price up quite a bit per linear foot. If memory serves it was like a 20% increase to go to 75' over 70. Just something to keep in mind. I was actually planning on roughly 90' until I found out this info. Figured I could make do with a 70 footer.

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    Sounds like a really low $ for a hydraulic lift door. Have installed most types of doors, all have pros and cons, con to the hi-fold is that it actually returns into your building space when it goes up. Have to be sure to keep lights, etc out of the way. Good Luck! Getting started on foundations this week if it stops raining!! FX3 on order!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    40’ powerlift just installed this winter. Also foam insulation, in 4 days of 15 degree temps, 100,000 btu heater used 5 gallon kerosene to maintain 55 degrees. 50/60 hangar/shop/toy shed

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