We're from the Government and a whole bunch of other "interested" entities and we're here to hold a forum before we announce a bunch of new rules aimed at GA....

NTSB to Explore GA Safety

The NTSB announced this week that it will hold a two-day forum next month to
examine safety issues related to general aviation. "Each year, hundreds of
people are killed in general aviation crashes, and thousands more are injured,"
said board chairman Deborah Hersman, in a news release. "Tragically, the
circumstances leading to these accidents are often repeated over and over, year
after year. If we are going to prevent future fatalities and injuries, these
common causes must be addressed." Last year, the safety board added "General
Aviation Safety" to its "Most Wanted" list of transportation safety

The forum, "General Aviation Safety: Climbing to the Next Level," will take
place June 19 and 20 in Washington, D.C. Among the key issues the forum will
address are pilot training and performance, pilot access to and use of
weather-related information, and aircraft design and certification. Panelists
participating in the forum will represent industry, government, academia, and
professional associations. Hersman and all five members of the safety board will
participate. The forum is open to the public and will be webcast live at NTSB.gov.