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Thread: Steel Tubing 1025 <> 4130

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    Steel Tubing 1025 <> 4130

    Does anybody know a method to figure out if it is 1025 or 4130 tubing. I know that Piper mixed them up, especially in older fuselages. Mine is a 1947 PA-12.

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    Read AD69-23-03 regarding 1025 and 4130 longerons, it describes the nitric acid test used to determine which steel tubing was installed.


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    Since I managed to leave a few pieces of metal unmarked I thought this thread should be bumped up since the title is about identifying what alloys you have and the following added: According to the test you use one drop of concentrated nitric acid on a test area. If it boils and turns brown it is 1025. If there is no reaction it's 4130. Now is it always 4130 or would some other alloys "not" indicate the same? Where do you get concentrated nitric acid? Hardware store? I will try and get some and test some of the other known scraps I have laying around.

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