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Thread: V- speeds for a J-5

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    V- speeds for a J-5

    I was looking trough all of the old posts the other day about this, that, and a lot of other things, when it accrued to me that I don't know for sure what the V-speeds for the 125 HP 1941 J-5 I rent are. I know they may not of had "V-speeds" per-say back then, but the airplane has no POH or any other data other than the weight & balance sheet. The owner told me to climb out at 60 and come in over the fence at 60. I assumed that 60 was Vy and that would be close to the best glide speed also. So that is what I've been doing. Well kind of. I've found 55 to work a little better for landings. If it had a VIS I could play around with it and figure out some number my self but it doesn't.
    So I was hoping to tapped into the vast amount of knowledge that has accumulated here and see if somebody might be able to give me some reasonable numbers for Vx, Vy, Va, and best glide speed for this airplane.
    Thanks much,
    Ted............a very, very bored oilfield service hand.

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    Prop for my PA-11?

    I don't have a J-5 but I think you have it about right.My cub has Vx 50,Vy60 and 55 seems to work well on final.


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