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Thread: Talarik Creek

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    Talarik Creek

    Hello Guys,

    I am headed to the land this fall to catch a fish. Flew over it a few times, but was stupid and did not stop. Now I feel before I die, (from unnatural causes like with the wrong person), I should make a journey.

    I usually fish the Situk with a bunch of guys. We want to head out to the land of wind this fall, and work it around my hunting.

    The questions are:

    Floats or wheels, ( I will take the cub but charter for some of the gear/guys)

    Camp or commute each day

    Upper or lower

    how late is too late

    Anyone else coming with us?


    I don't know where you've been me lad, but I see you won first Prize!

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    Tularik Creek

    Upper T is private Native land, the fishing rights are leased to a lodge that fishes it often and they will aggressively run you off and bring the troopers after you for trespassing. Not worth the hassle

    Lower T has better fishing and is all State land. It fishes best Sept and Oct. The biggest rainbow I have ever landed (30") was lower T on the last day of Oct using a purple egg sucking leach.

    A cub on wheels is perfect there are 3 good cub strips on lower T.

    3 miles away is a big cinder blow strip with tie downs that I put in. It is a perfect place to camp and within walking distance of a small lake that is full of pike.

    You can have one of the air taxis bring your people to the cinder blow or shuttle them there your self in your cub

    The Iliamna airport has avgas, oil and a coffee but not much of any thing else. 3 miles away is the general store you can legally land on the road at the store and get supplies. The store has most every thing a person needs and is pilot friendly. The road in front of the store is actually a designated air strip but please be cautious of kids and 4 wheelers. You can also get car gas, white gas and propane at the store. If you are on floats the pond near the store is called the bucket it has tie downs and avgas available for float planes.

    I am flying and guiding fisherman out of Iliamna May- Oct. Please stop in and visit I am a very short walk from the store and love to have visitors in the evenings especially cub drivers. I will also be able to tell where the hot spots have been for the last few days.

    Jerry Jacques
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    Long time ago when you were thinking on this, George, but I flew in to the cinder "strip" in our 180 mid-month August 2018, and the fish were running as evidenced by the bears working the stream. Nice area.
    Saw a nice camp up on top of the hill 2 miles east of the strip area. There is also a cabin by the lake at the mouth of the creek.
    I believe owner of Talarik Creek Lodge routinely runs folks to Talarik from Iliamna in his boat. At least that's what a fishing article in "Fish Alaska" reported.

    Did you ever make it over there?

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    I planted a loaded C-185 in the Lower's lagoon once in June and we spent the night in the cabin. Seemed like a nice place to fish if the big lake is windy.




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